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Friday, June 5, 2020

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March 30, 2018

CARENA Acquires New Dock

Photo supplied by CARENA

Photo supplied by CARENA

 The Compagnie Abidjanaise de Réparation Navale et de maintenance industrielle (CARENA), subsidiary of the Bolloré Group and the SOFIA Group, just acquired a 3rd dock, enhancing the operational capacity of West Africa’s biggest shipyard. With this new dock, CARENA is increasing its hosting capacity by over 40 %.

With this 175-metre-long and 26-metre-wide piece of equipment – a nearly 5 billion CFA Franc investment – CARENA’s teams now have more space to accommodate larger ships and receive new clients.
CARENA, with its 450 linear metres of docks, is today modernising by investing in new equipment: two new tower cranes, one new floating crane with greater lifting capacity, a blasting cabinet, a turbo balancing station in partnership with ABB and the reorganisation of the waste collection site, helping CARENA offer improved services today. 
CARENA is becoming more competitive and is offering its innovations to all shipowners. This well-established shipyard relies on the know-how of its employees, who have solid expertise in the areas of industrial and marine mechanics, pipework, electricity, carpentry, machining, rescue, materials handling, sanding, and anticorrosive paint. 
Ship repair experts will be recruited to operate this 3rd dock. CARENA will increase its staffing, today with over 240 permanent employees and 1,000 sub-contractors. 
All contribute to the success of the shipyard, which can simultaneously accommodate 15 to 20 boats and is known for the thoroughness of its operations, which comply with international standards on the environment and safety. 
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