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Monday, April 22, 2019

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November 7, 2014

OW Bunker Applies for Court Restructuring

OW Bunker, a Danish marine fuel company

OW Bunker, a Danish marine fuel company


Following the announcement made yesterday regarding fraud in Singapore and significant risk management loss, the board of directors regret not having found able to find a solution with the syndicate banks. On this basis, it has been decided to file for commencement of in-court restructuring procedure in the subsidiaries O.W. Bunker & Trading A/S and O.W. Supply & Trading A/S at the probate court in Aalborg. The main operational activities of the group are located in these companies, which are expected to be insolvent.

The purpose of the in-court restructuring procedure is to establish an overview of whether a basis for continued operations of the companies can be established, including a basis for injecting further capital or other similar solution.

For the time being, the financial impact cannot be assessed, however, it must be assumed that the group's equity is lost.

In court restructuring procedure is aimed at debtors who are insolvent but where there is a chance that all or part of the debtor's business may be able to continue operations after the completion of a restructuring. The procedure is intended to provide a tool for management and creditors alike, offering the possibility of rescuing an insolvent business, and thereby preserving its assets, rather than proceeding straight to the filing of a bankruptcy petition.