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Monday, November 20, 2017

BIMCO Launches First Report On Global Dry Bulk Terminal Performance

January 8, 2017



 Since 2015 BIMCO has been collecting feedback on the performance of port terminals in order to be able to report the results to members and, ultimately, to give further guidance to ships. 

BIMCO has received over 400 feedback reports from bulk carriers on the performance of dry bulk terminals around the world. The data has been collected, evaluated and presented in this first annual report. 
The map shows that 74 countries had terminals, which were included in the vetting scheme.
Aron F. Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation at BIMCO explains: The dry bulk vetting scheme makes it possible for companies to compare terminal performances by using actual experiences provided by the crew of the bulk carrier. In general the performances of terminals have been rated positively in this first report and shows a high degree of care and good service shown to ships.
The statistics in this report have been based on a total of 443 reports from 231 different terminals around the world. By the end of 2016, 74 countries were covered by the survey.
-231 terminals were covered by the vetting scheme
-74 countries were included in the scheme
-15 terminals had more than five report entries
-94 ships participated in the vetting scheme.
For statistical validation and anonymity purposes, results of the terminal vetting will not be published on the BIMCO website until there are more than five reports received concerning that particular port. By 1 December 2016, 15 ports had more than five reports.
 Sørensen added:"It is very important that more ships participate in the BIMCO dry bulk vetting scheme and continuously report their experiences after each terminal call. The information will be invaluable for our members to help guide the planning of future calls at terminals around the world. We need more reports from a lot more ships to improve the service and to have more robust analysis for next year’s report.
bulk carrierAron F. Sørensen