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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Barge Shipping Steady at Port of Little Rock

Posted by April 19, 2017

© caocao191 / Adobe Stock

© caocao191 / Adobe Stock

The Port of Little Rock had a busy month in March with increased activity across both docks, according to the Little Rock Port Authority.

March activity started slowly but increased during the second half of the month. Logistic Services Inc. (LSI), the Port of Little Rock’s stevedoring partner, worked 32 barges with more than 47,000 net tons of cargo during the month. 17 barges were handled at the main river dock, carrying 26,000 net tons of cargo; 15 barges were handled at the slackwater dock, carrying 21,000 net tons of cargo. Commodities handled included DAP, nepheline syenite, potash, sand, scrap, steel coils, urea, wetcake, and wire rod coils. Across all operations, LSI handled over 50,000 net tons of cargo.
“Barge activity on the Arkansas River continues to remain steady. We are expecting a slight uptick in total tonnage over the next 60 days due to the fertilizer season,” said Bryan Day, Executive Director of the Little Rock Port Authority. “The inland river system continues to be the safest and most efficient way to move cargo across the country and we are constantly looking for opportunities to promote this asset, here locally and around the world.”
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