DOT Announces $703M in Port Funding; 41 Projects in 22 States

October 28, 2022

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U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced more than $703 million to fund 41 projects in 22 states and one territory that designed to help improve port facilities through the Maritime Administration’s Port Infrastructure Development Program. Following is the full list of FY 2022 Port Infrastructure Development Grant Awards:

North Extension Stabilization Step 1 Project ($68,700,000), Anchorage, Alaska
The Project will reconfigure and realign the shoreline within the “North Extension” (the area north of the existing general cargo terminals) at the Port of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska. The Project includes the demolition of a sheet pile wall, removal of approximately 1.3 million cubic yards of material, and construction of a shoreline revetment of armor rock.

AMHS Prince William Sound Ferry Terminal Project ($28,248,386), Cordova, Tatitlek, and Chenega, Alaska
This Project funds upgrades and modifications at three Prince William Sound ferry terminals. The Cordova improvements include removal of floating fenders and construction of fixed fender mooring dolphins and catwalks and modifications to the stern berth to accommodate ferries. The Tatitlek improvements include the provision of new end-loading ferry terminal structures, including a vehicle transfer bridge and bridge support float. The Chenega improvements include the construction of a new side-berth ferry terminal facility, including a pile-supported approach dock structure, vehicle transfer bridge, bridge support float, and two mooring dolphins.

Port of Adak Pier Five Improvements Project ($10,161,900), Adak, Alaska
The Project at the Port of Adak, in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, entails repairs and updates to Pier Five, the primary supply pier for this remote Alaskan village. The grant will fund planning and permitting work, removal of the deteriorated timber pile fender system, repairs to damaged concrete piles and caps, installation of a high-energy absorbing fender system, and installation of new sewer, firefighting water, potable water, electrical and communications utilities, and LED lighting.

Sand Point Floating Dock Project ($5,365,000)
Aleutian Islands, Alaska
The Project consists of installing more than 1,000 feet of new floating dock and supporting access, utility, and safety infrastructure within the existing harbor. The Project will complete the Aleutians East Borough’s long-term efforts to fully build out the community’s harbor.

Aunu’u Wharf Reconstruction Project ($2,120,000) Pago Pago, American Samoa
The Project funds reconstruction of the Aunu’u Wharf, which is the only access point in and out of Aunu’u Island in American Samoa. The Project will reconstruct the existing wharf; perform structural repairs to the existing pilings; construct a new 80-foot-long extension to the wharf; repair and upgrade the existing ramp structure; dredge any excess material surrounding the wharf; and install a new fendering system, bollards, and cleats. The project will comply with the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard.

Helena Harbor Transportation Enhancement Development Project ($6,412,652) Helena, Arkansas
The Project will fund two components at Helena Harbor: 1) the addition of a water tower to support industrial uses and firefighting systems in the port, which will be built to withstand the seismic impacts of an earthquake in the New Madrid fault area; and 2) the construction of a rail spur connecting parcels on the east side of the port’s Industrial Park to the North American Rail network.

Fisherman’s Terminal Piling Replacement Project ($650,000) Eureka, California
The Project will replace approximately 40 failing or missing fender pilings on a quay used by commercial fishermen in Humboldt Bay. The Project includes removal of the existing pilings and the purchase and installation of replacement pilings, pile caps, and rub rails.

Middle Harbor Terminal Zero Emission Conversion Project ($30,141,080) Long Beach, California
The Project will fund the replacement of diesel yard tractors with approximately 60 electric yard tractors, construction of electric equipment charging infrastructure with energy load management software to enhance energy efficiency, and installation of software equipment to streamline cargo-handling operations within the terminal.

Outer Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project ($36,592,875) Oakland, California
The Project will fund the construction of a roughly 25-acre off-dock container support facility with truck entry/exit gates and gatehouse, pavement replacement, office trailer, perimeter fencing, grounded and wheeled container storage, refrigerated container grounded storage and plugs, LED high mast lighting, drainage, substation improvements, and battery storage and charging stations.

Port of San Francisco Amador Street Infrastructure Improvement Project ($9,607,500) San Francisco, California
The Project will fund roadway improvements to a more resilient standard, sewer replacement and pump station upgrades to provide additional capacity and reliability, stormwater improvements and removal of creosote-treated rail ties to improve environmental conditions, and landscaping with drought tolerant plants that will conserve water.

Port of Stockton Rail Rehabilitation & Upgrade Project ($9,628,477) Stockton, California
The Project will improve the Port of Stockton’s lead track by replacing or upgrading approximately 13,400 feet of existing rail and ballast, realignment of curves, and re-construction of roughly thirty turnouts. The Project also includes site clearing, grading, drainage, and utility work.

Seawall Replacement Project ($7,366,566) Crescent City, California
The Project includes the construction of a new seawall, the repair and renovation of a seafood packing and truck loading area, the replacement of cargo handling equipment that is currently atop the existing seawall, and the installation of electrical vehicle infrastructure to power the cold storage trailers used to move seafood products to market.

Bridgeport Port Authority Operations and Maintenance Wind Port Project ($10,530,000) Bridgeport, Connecticut
The Project encompasses design and construction of an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Wind Port in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Project elements include the installation of approximately 1,300 linear feet of anchored bulkheads, dredging of approximately 30,000 cubic yards of material to deepen the harbor for larger support vessels, a floating service dock to assist offshore wind (OSW) support vessels, and the installation of two reinforced 20’ x 100’ crane pads that will also serve as relieving platforms for the new bulkheads.

City of New London Port Infrastructure Development Project ($7,000,000) New London, Connecticut
The Project funds the construction of an expanded steel bulkhead, installation of stone rip-rap, repairs to an existing railroad spur, extension of the rail spur onto the expanded dock, improvements to an existing laydown area, dredging, paving, utilities, fencing, access improvements, and necessary environmental remediation associated with project elements.

Port Everglades Berths Improvement and Modernization Project ($19,280,625) Broward County, Florida
The Project will replace approximately 1,650 linear feet of bulkheads in their current alignment at Berths 16, 17, and 18 at Port Everglades. Specifically, the Project will include new steel sheet pile bulkheads with concrete caps, cathodic protection, mooring hardware and fendering systems, dockside utility extensions, berth apron pavement, drainage system improvements, and benthic habitat surveys and mitigation.

Putnam County Port Development Plan Project ($353,500) Palatka, Florida
The Project funds a port development plan, which will include infrastructure and facility assessments, site planning, preliminary engineering, a market analysis, a traffic study, preliminary real estate and environmental assessments, and development of a comprehensive capital improvement plan that will identify potential funding sources and project priorities.

The JAXPORT EXPRESS Project ($23,518,000) Jacksonville, Florida
The Project includes five primary components: 1) installation of electrified refrigerated container stacks; 2) procurement of six hybrid-electric rubber-tired gantry cranes; 3) procurement of 16 battery-electric forklifts, ten battery-electric yard tractors, and seven Tier 4 diesel top picks; 4) installation of 15 high-power direct current fast charging stations and make-ready stub-outs; and 5) development of a replaceable and scalable plan for transitioning the port and local maritime industry to zero-emission technologies.

Kapalama Container Terminal Project ($47,326,300) Honolulu, Hawaii
The Project will fund several activities: 1) upgrades to electrified ship-to-shore cranes, acquisition of new equipment, and installation of solar panels on terminal buildings that will improve the reliability of port operations; 2) smart gate and security technology to improve safety and operational efficiency; 3) an electrical micro-grid to improve resilience; and, 4) in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders, development of a Facility Resiliency Plan and a Terminal Electrification Plan to support additional environmental and resilience improvements in the future.

Phase 2 Rail Yard and Rail Corridor Improvement Project ($8,000,000) Kaskaskia, Illinois
The Project will install two rail tracks to create a rail yard near an existing port terminal. Improvements consist of approximately 6,000 feet of storage tracks, 10 turnouts, and upgrades to 5.3 miles of track to support the movement of bulk cargo in addition to culvert and rail tie replacement.

Eddyville River Port Inlet Project ($4,912,631) Eddyville, Kentucky
The Project funds the construction of an expanded port inlet and a concrete barge ramp that will improve the throughput of the port by providing additional waterfront access for loading and unloading bulk commodities. The new ramp at the end of the inlet will allow the port to safely handle extremely heavy cargo.

Western Dock Expansion -- Phase 3B Project ($10,000,000) Morgan City, Louisiana
The Project funds the expansion of the Port of Morgan City's dock by adding 1.6 acres of concrete laydown area and building an additional 8,880-square-foot wharf-relieving platform structure to support a 440’ x 40’ wharf extension. The Project complements “Phase 3A” that was funded by the port and the State of Louisiana and completes all phases of the port’s “Western Dock Expansion” project.

Salem Wind Port Project ($33,835,953) Salem, Massachusetts
The Project will redevelop a vacant industrial facility into a marshalling area for offshore wind (OSW) energy projects. The Project includes construction of a 700-foot-long wharf and bulkhead that will be able to handle oversized and heavy cargoes and will be able to serve as a loadout and assembly location. The Project also includes improvements to approximately 23 acres of adjacent uplands to create a laydown area adjacent to the loadout and assembly space.

Lake Erie Renewable Energy Resilience Project ($11,051,586) Monroe, Michigan
The Project will fund four components: Component 1—Riverfront work will include replacing the surface of the existing wharf, constructing a second riverfront wharf to be used exclusively for vessel transfer of wind energy cargos, and reinforcing shoreline stabilization; Component 2—Turning Basin work will include rehabilitating the concrete dock cap, bollard and fender installation, and replacing roughly 390 feet of failed sheet pile; Component 3—Small Boat “Maritime Readiness Slip” construction will include demolishing and rehabilitating an existing small boat slip to be used by harbor assist vessels; and Component 4—Shore Power infrastructure will include removing existing overhead lines and providing shore power to the riverfront wharves.

Rail Access and Port Capacity Improvements Project ($16,030,000) Detroit, Michigan
This Project will rehabilitate existing port infrastructure as well as construct new port infrastructure at the Port of Detroit. The specific components of the Project include creating a new port/rail connection; adding dry bulk cargo handling platforms and a covered warehouse; reconstructing a dock; installing 2 bulk-liquid storage tanks; and constructing an additional berth to facilitate fueling of cargo vessels.

Project Steel Wheel - Columbus Dock Expansion ($6,123,225) Columbus, Mississippi
The Project includes design, engineering, construction, and inspection of a new rail spur with approximately 10,000 linear feet of track and three transload docks that will provide direct rail access for transloading cargo between barges and railcars at the Lowndes County West Bank Port. The port does not currently have direct rail access and the new rail spur will connect the port terminal to an existing railroad line operated by Kansas City Southern.

Port Improvement and Expansion Project ($8,768,800) Brunswick, Missouri
The Project will upgrade an existing port terminal with a new container dock and related mooring structures, add a new rail spur with a loading pit, and construct a new bulk agricultural supply building with conveyors between the rail and barge dock. The new sheet pile barge dock will provide 200 ft. of frontage for loading and unloading barges. The rail improvement consists of approximately 4,000 ft. of new track that will permit the port to work 36 car unit trains. The 360 ft. by 140 ft. bulk agricultural storage building will replace an existing 40-year-old building and offer enough capacity to manage peak periods of agricultural commodity movements.

Port of Camden Access and Infrastructure Resiliency Project ($25,000,000) Camden, New Jersey
The Project will upgrade a functionally obsolete and structurally deficient truck route to improve access to the Port of Camden from I-676 by reconstructing nearly three miles of key roadway infrastructure. Project elements include truck turning radius improvements, pavement reconstruction, resurfacing and reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks, new stormwater drainage and green infrastructure, sewer repairs, ADA ramps, traffic calming, new traffic signals and crosswalks, improved street lighting, striping, and new signage.

Arthur Kill Offshore Wind Terminal Project ($48,008,231) Staten Island, New York
This Project will fund the dredging of approximately 740,000 cubic yards to create a thirty-fivefoot-deep ship basin to support further development of the adjacent 32-acre site as a purposebuilt offshore wind (OSW) staging and assembly facility in Staten Island, New York. The OSW staging and assembly facility will contain 32 acres of upland area, a 1365-foot-long wharf with adjacent laydown area that has enhanced load bearing capacity, and two program areas.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority ($27,223,711) Cleveland, Ohio
The Project consists of both development phase (planning, permitting, engineering, and design) and construction activities at the Port of Cleveland. It will modernize a 144,000-square-foot warehouse (Warehouse A); expand stormwater collection and treatment infrastructure; construct a modernized maintenance and repowering facility for terminal equipment; and install electric infrastructure to meet the power requirements of ship cold ironing and electrified cargo handling equipment.

Muskogee Waterfront Recovery & Resiliency Project ($23,955,557) Muskogee, Oklahoma
The Project consists of four components at the Port of Muskogee on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System: 1) reconstruction of the main dock at Oakley Terminal; 2) construction of a new heavy-lift dock; 3) reconstruction of on-dock rail; and 4) construction of a new flexible-use warehouse.

Terminal 6 Infrastructure Improvements Project ($24,360,000) Portland, Oregon
This Project will fund the following components: strengthen 9 acres of pavement for flexible cargo storage, including container storage; upgrade pavement throughout 30 acres of container yard; add a stormwater treatment system to reduce pollutants entering the Columbia River; replace electrical components to reduce energy consumption, light spillage, and enable future zero-emission operations; and install two emergency generators to provide backup power during seismic events or other power outages.

Reconstruction of the North Berth at Pier 1 Project ($11,250,000) Davisville, Rhode Island
The Project will reconstruct the port’s North Berth at Pier #1, which is near the end of its useful structural life and unable to adequately serve the needs of the port. The Project includes demolition and removal of existing material, construction of approximately 32,000 square feet of pier deck/foundation/pile caps, 20 mooring bollards, and 20 berthing fenders.

Container on Barge Infrastructure Project ($26,440,500) Beaumont, Texas
This Project includes two components: 1) the “Lot 6 Project,” which involves the strengthening of a 400-foot section of dock area to support heavy loads with the addition of a 400’ x 100’ pilesupported relieving platform and four monopiles for breasting barges, and 2) the "Lot 14B Paving Project," which includes the design and installation of a 26.14-acre container marshalling yard and hard-surfaced laydown area.

Dock Repair and Renovation Project ($3,937,500) Harlingen, Texas
The Project will renovate the Port of Harlingen's main dock and related facilities. Work includes repairs to or replacement of the timber fendering system, timber rails, steel sheet pile bulkhead, steel anchor rods that hold the bulkhead in place, deteriorated concrete deck in multiple locations, mooring piles and related structures, and a mechanical winch operator and cable. In addition, the Project will demolish, excavate, dewater, and re-compact critical uplands areas.

Port of Palacios Energy & Resilience Improvement Project ($9,600,000) Matagorda, Texas
The Project funds the rehabilitation of the bulkhead and vessel berthing areas in Turning Basins 1 and 2, including the repair or replacement of roughly 5,600 feet of bulkhead and installation of approximately 20 vessel-to-shore power stations with multiple outlets to serve several vessels at once. The rehabilitation will make the facilities more resilient to the effects of natural disasters and sea level rise.

Terminal 5 Export, Expansion, and Emissions Reduction Project ($17,035,900) Seattle, Washington
The Project will fund improvements to Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. The Project consists of two major components: 1) construction of a new truck gate complex by relocating the existing gate lanes and expanding the number of lanes equipped with truck scales and 2) the construction of a cargo container storage yard by demolishing an unused warehouse and repurposing the land for container sorting and storage.

Grays Harbor Terminal 4 Expansion & Redevelopment Project ($25,500,000) Aberdeen, Washington
The Project includes the construction of an additional 50,000 feet of rail to accommodate unit trains; railcar storage; the repurposing of a 50-acre brownfield site into a breakbulk cargo handling and laydown area; access and roadway improvements; replacement of marine terminal fendering systems; and related site improvements.

Intermodal Handling and Transfer Facility Improvements Project ($8,608,000) Port Angeles, Washington
The Project consists of structural repairs and improvements to an existing 112-year-old dock and pavement improvements to increase the surface elevation and load capacity for approximately 10 acres of an existing 30-acre cargo yard.

Master Plan, Pier Design, and Boat Ramp Construction Project ($11,073,627) La Conner, Washington
The Project consists of four components: 1) development of a port master plan that evaluates the existing infrastructure, assesses the community’s needs for port facilities and services, identifies a range of proposed infrastructure solutions to meet those needs, and conducts preliminary engineering and design work for priority projects; 2) design and construction of a boat ramp; 3) completion of design and engineering for upgrades to a commercial pier; and 4) replacement of a mooring float. The boat ramp and mooring float will be constructed on Tribal lands.

Seaport Throughput Improvement Project ($9,270,918) Olympia, Washington
The Project consists of repairing and/or replacing pavement in approximately 21 acres of cargo handling area, constructing a new maintenance facility, and making structural repairs to Cargo Berth One to support increased use of an existing mobile harbor crane. The Project also includes an updated facility condition assessment and final design and engineering work.

Port of Green Bay Site Development Project ($10,134,800) Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Project funds the first phase of redevelopment of a former power plant site into a new port terminal. The Project includes the following components: engineering services; clearing and clean-up of the existing brownfield site; construction of new dock walls and bulkheads; dredging; placement of fill behind dock wall and bulkheads; construction of stormwater collection and treatment facilities; installation of bollards and crane pads; asphalt resurfacing; new roads and utilities; truck scales; construction of an office building; and repair and extension of a rail spur with installation of three switches.

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