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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Posted by October 11, 2016

N. American World Maritime Day to Be Held in New York

The 2016 North American World Maritime Day Observance will be held on October 27 at Pier A in New York City, announced Joseph Hughes, Chairman of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA).
This year’s theme, “Shipping: Indispensable to the World” will be explored by such speakers as Jan-Willem van den Dijssel of Cargill, Dr. Sandra Whitehouse of Ocean Conservancy, Jon Waldron of Blank Rome, and Anthony Teo of DNVGL. They will focus their remarks on the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility in shipping.
Following the conference will be the annual NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Awards Dinner where INTERCARGO’s Chairman Emeritus Nicky Pappadakis will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Jack Buono, formerly of SeaRiver Maritime, will be presented with the Individual Award for Marine Environment Protection.
“As we look at shipping’s critical role in global trade, we also need to look at our public profile” stated Chairman Hughes. “How do we conduct ourselves in our day to day business? What image do we present to the world? What are the benefits to shipping of Corporate Social Responsibility? These are going to be addressed at this event, along with delegate participation in how shipping can better portray itself on the world stage.”
There will also be a panel on Risk Management, moderated by International Registries’ Clay Maitland. This panel will include Rightship’s Captain Anuj Chopra, Deborah Franco of Harley Marine Services, Linda Burns of the White House’s National Ocean Council, Michael Webber of Wells Fargo, and Nicky Pappadakis.
The afternoon’s seminar will conclude with an update from the United States Coast Guard by RADM Linda Fagan, followed by NAMEPA’s Annual General Meeting.
The evening will bring the Annual NAMEPA Marine Environment Protection Awards, which are given in recognition of an individual or organization’s efforts in environmental stewardship as exemplified by a commitment to a program which has specific objectives set for environmental performance and improvement, and which is innovative and goes beyond minimum environmental compliance. Eligible candidates include members of the commercial maritime industry, government agencies, educational organizations, associations and individuals. Submissions are judged by the organization’s Board of Directors against the criteria behind the award. 
Recipients of NAMEPA’s 2016 Awards include Harley Marine Services, the Port of Quebec, the White House’s National Ocean Council for government agencies, Ocean Conservancy for non-profits, Maritime Academy Charter School of Philadelphia for maritime education, OBOCS’ On Board Oil Containment System for innovations, NOAA’s Chemical Aquatic Fate & Effects Database for environmental products, NAMMA (North American Maritime Ministry Association) for seafarers’ foundations, Wells Fargo for financial services, Jack Buono for individuals, and Nicky Pappadakis for lifetime achievement. The late Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley will receive a special posthumous lifetime achievement award.
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