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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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September 28, 2017

DP World London Cuts Emissions by 28%

Photo: DP World London Gateway

Photo: DP World London Gateway

 DP World London Gateway Port reduced its carbon emissions by 28 percent per TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit/container) in 2016.

This reduction in emissions per container handled was captured by The Planet Mark, meaning that DP World London Gateway Port has achieved continued certification to the internationally recognised sustainability certification program.
The Port was found to have cut its emissions per TEU by more than a quarter in 2016 versus emissions recorded in 2015.
A significant increase in the number of containers being handled by the port – ensuring savings through increased efficiencies and economies of scale – as well as the introduction of hybrid-electric shuttle carriers to the port’s operations, better recording and tracking of energy use, and reduced energy consumption in buildings, all contributed to a reduction in carbon footprint.
Last week, port technology supplier Kalmar revealed it would be trialling the world’s first ever fully-electric shuttle carrier at DP World London Gateway Port and solar panels have recently been fitted to the top of terminal tractors to assist with electric power to the tractor cabs when their engines are off.
Port management committed to reducing the terminal’s emissions by 2.5% per TEU when The Planet Mark certification was achieved in 2016, after its carbon emissions were calculated and independently verified as part of the process.
Following the latest annual review of data, it was identified that in 2016, a carbon saving per TEU of 28 percent had been achieved compared to the baseline set in 2015.
Results of the review were published as DP World London Gateway Port took part in Go Green Week from September 18 to September 22, a global environmental campaign that takes place in ports all over the world.
Go Green offers leading terminal operators the chance to promote environmental awareness and contribute to making a difference in the communities that port terminals are operating in.
Fittingly, the theme for this year’s campaign was “Be a Climate Mate”, with activities arranged and awareness raised around the impacts of climate change.
DP World London Gateway encouraged its 500-strong team to be even more environmentally friendly, by promoting car share initiatives, green car leasing and provoking thought on how team members can be good “climate mates” at work and at home.