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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

February 7, 2011

Transpetro opens 342 positions for Merchant Marine officers

On Monday, February 7, 2011, Transpetro opened the selection process for the immediate admission of 342 officers of the Merchant Marine to man the vessels operating in its fleet. The period to register for the contest - which is free of charge - ends on April 4. The public notice and the registration form are available on the company's website (www.transpetro.com.br) or can be picked up at the addresses that are listed in the notice itself.
To fill these 342 openings, Transpetro foresees for the registration of the 394 best qualified candidates. In total, 204 candidates will be registered for the position of 2nautical officer, of which 177 for immediate admission, and 190 candidates for the 2 engine officer, of which 165 for immediate admission. The registration includes the technical qualification stage, which is classificatory and eliminatory.
The company offers many benefits, such as day care assistance, pre-school, primary and secondary schooling, health insurance, profit sharing, group life insurance, pharmacy benefits, and a pension plan.
Transpetro's sailors work 60 days on board and get 30 days off in the case of dynamic positioning and oil vessels. For maritime navigation ships, the system is 90 on board by 45 days off, while for offshore vessels and tankers, the scheme is 35 by 35 days.
Petrobras' subsidiary for transportation logistics, Transpetro must hire some 1,700 seafarers of all categories until 2013. The growing demand for these professionals is a result of a heated naval sector, due mainly to the Program for the Transpetro Fleet Modernization and Expansion Program (Promef), with the order of 49 vessels from Brazilian shipyards.


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