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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Posted by February 24, 2015

Sulphur Enforcement Event to be Held in Brussels

Trident Alliance has invited representatives from national and European authorities and NGO’s to discuss how effective enforcement of sulphur regulations can be achieved on the high seas. The event will take place on March 3 during the European Shipping Week in Brussels. 
The ECA zones 0.1 % Sulphur limit came into force as of January 1, 2015. Trident Alliance said robust enforcement is necessary to achieve the intended benefits to health and the environment, and is also critical to ensuring fair competition.
Compliance comes at unprecedented expense, Trident Alliance noted. Notwithstanding recent drops in oil prices, the price differential between HFO and MGO has changed little. Switching to lower sulphur MGO almost doubles fuel costs. Such high costs coupled with weak enforcement undoubtedly creates a temptation not to comply.
Two months after the entry into force of the new sulphur limits, the Trident Alliance seeks an opportunity to take stock and discuss with stakeholders how a level playing field is ensured by robust and regular enforcement.
Roger Strevens, Chairman, said, “Individual Member States may be stepping up enforcement efforts in their territorial waters, but the effectiveness of enforcement on the high seas beyond those waters, yet still within the regulated area, is much in doubt. How and by whom will compliance tests on the high seas be undertaken?”
Confirmed speakers include Bill Hemmings, Program Manager – Aviation & Shipping at Transport & Environment; Benoît Loicq, European Community Shipowners’ Associations, Director - Maritime Safety and Environment; Kristian Teleki, Director of Global Engagement for the Global Ocean Commission; Roger Strevens, Chairman, Trident Alliance
The seminar will take place in connection with a Trident Alliance Members meeting. The Trident Alliance welcomed new members Hamburg Sud, from Germany, and Scandlines, headquartered in Denmark, bringing membership to a total of 33 companies. Member company CEOs have each signed a Statement of Commitment, in which they commit to supporting robust and transparent enforcement of sulphur regulations as well as to comply with said regulations.
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