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Friday, January 21, 2022

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December 8, 2021

Nor-Shipping: The Show Must Go on Despite Restrictions

Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping (Photo: Nor-Shipping)

Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping (Photo: Nor-Shipping)

The organizers of Nor-Shipping said the maritime trade show will be held in January as scheduled despite new coronavirus restrictions enacted in Norway.

New, temporary national restrictions have reintroduced one meter distancing guidelines and face masks, where necessary, and limited numbers for social gatherings. Exhibitions are still permitted to be held with appropriate public health measures in place, and Nor-Shipping's organizers say the demand for a full-scale, international ocean and maritime business gathering remains “crystal clear”.

“The new measures have been introduced to create safe environments, protect society and reassure people, not to close down activity,” comments Sidsel Norvik, Nor-Shipping Director. “We will, of course, work to ensure that all necessary measures are in place and continue supporting our industry through this difficult period.”

Nor-Shipping is scheduled to run from January 10-13, and organizers expect up to 700 international companies to exhibit at its 22,000-square-meter facilities in Lillestrøm.

“The feedback we’re receiving is that our exhibitors and visitors are hungry for this – they want it to happen,” Norvik said. “We’ve been kept apart as a business community for so long, but now we have the chance to reunite, showcase innovations, share knowledge and build the partnerships we need for sustainable, future development.”

The event is part of NOVA Spektrum, which has been running successful activities throughout the pandemic and is well versed in hygiene, distancing and safety routines, Nor-Shipping's management team said.

An on-site test facility will be established to ensure international visitors can fulfil their own national testing demands for travel. Norway itself requires a test upon entry and that visitors fill in a ‘passenger locator form’.

Norway's new national restrictions run for four weeks, taking effect from midnight on December 8. In light of this, Nor-Shipping has put a hold on plans for social gatherings in Oslo and large-scale events, choosing to focus activities on the exhibition facilities, where routines are clear and safe distances can be maintained.

“It goes without saying that this is not what we wanted to do,” Norvik said, “but the important thing is aligning ourselves to the regulations and recommendations made by authorities. That’s the key to serving both our industry and society, and running a Nor-Shipping that provides the optimal platform for positive development and #ACTION within our ocean space. We look forward to seeing lots of ‘smiling eyes’ in January at Nor-Shipping 2022.”