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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

December 9, 2014

Separate Cat Fines More Effectively


The new GEA Westfalia Separator CatFineMaster consists of a separator at its core with an integrated unitrolplus system and an innovative adjustable feed pump. The system is capable of separating dangerous catalyst residues (cat fines) from the fuel more effectively than ever before – at the touch of a button. Cat fines can significantly damage the engine and, under extreme circumstances, may also result in total engine failure. This makes on-board fuel processing of extreme importance.

To achieve optimum separating behavior with cat fines of varying sizes, the CatFineMaster enables variation of two major process parameters. First, the separating temperature can be altered and increased up to 110°C. This lowers the viscosity of the fuel, enabling very small cat fines to be separated even more effectively. The second process variable is the flow rate. This is regulated by means of a feed pump and provides an additional boost to efficiency and energy savings. The CatFineMaster targets a cat fine concentration of less than 5 ppm and separation of all particles larger than 3 µm.

The GEA Westfalia Separator unitrolplus is an integrated fully automatic system that continuously monitors the water content and solid filling of the oil in a single stage. Based on the water content of the oil, the separator adjusts automatically to function as a purifier or clarifier. The result is a higher specific degree of separation with optimum separation efficiency. A regulating ring is not required for this automatic monitoring process and the user no longer has to do manual settings.

Intelligent control: one touch at the button starts the process

Complex situations can be simplified by means of intelligent control technologies. IO is the new generation of control units that GEA Westfalia Separator uses with theCatFineMaster. IO focuses on ease of operation. One touch is all that is required to have the centrifuge automatically regulate the desired program. Operating staff can easily master the use of the centrifuge control system because it allows the user to intuitively utilize its wide range of functions.

energy savings