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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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December 6, 2014

Rosneft Help Find Missing Population of Reindeer


The scientists of Siberian Federal University with the support of Rosneft found a missing population of Evenki wild reindeer. It became possible through implementation of the “Evenki reindeer” project, realized jointly with East-Siberian Oil and Gas Company (Rosneft’s subsidiary) and Siberian Federal University.

During the first stage of the program a number of measures were taken to collect important information on reindeers population: land and aerial survey of the territory was carried out, results of aerial survey analyzed, information gathered from residents. According to specialists, they detected crucial changes of reindeers seasonal migration. As a result, last year animals reached pasture lands of Evenkia’s North in the area of Moijero and Vojevolichan rivers already in early November. That is why the population of wild reindeer was considered to be missing.

It was a discovery to find one of the biggest wintering – about 20 thousand animals – in 250 km distance from Tura village.

The participation of East-Siberian Oil and Gas Company in the project is carried out in compliance with Rosneft’ policy in the area of environmental protection.

The second stage of the “Evenki reindeer” project presupposes marking animals with satellite tag collars to track their migration in real-time mode. It is planned to mark 10-15 animals in spring 2015, then track their migration from Evenkia to Taimyr.

The project is of applied relevance for Evenki and Taimyr districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory, as wild reindeer is a basis of their ecosystem. At the moment there is no reliable information on reindeers quantity, as for more than twenty years there have been no research of their population. This data is of great interest both for science and for locals, practicing traditional industries.

Results of the research will be delivered to authorities of the Evenki district and kinship communities of indigenous minority of the North.