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Thursday, May 23, 2019

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January 19, 2015

Reopening of the Caravel La Niña III

Delivery ceremony and reopening of the Caravel La Niña III,

Delivery ceremony and reopening of the Caravel La Niña III,


The delivery ceremony and reopening of the Caravel La Niña III, faithful replica of the ship of Columbus, the Caravel “La Niña III“ was held yesterday in the city of Las Palmas.

Las Palmas is part of the network of Columbian cities of Spain, it is a symbol of the discovery of America, the pass of Christopher Columbus over the island of Gran Canaria and benchmark their contribution to the expansion of the Canary Islands, for its strategic location as a bridge between America, Europe and Africa.

This replica of the Caravel “La Niña” was built in 1992 for the V centenary of the discovery of America. Zamakona Yards has led the restoration project of the same in cooperation with ground forces in a unique example of public-private initiative and corporate social responsibility.

In the picture, we can see our CEO in Canarias, Mr. Alvaro Garaygordóbil, greeting the Hon. Mayor of Las Palmas, Mr. Juanjo Cardona, in the presence of the President of the Gran Canaria lobby, Mr. Jose Miguel Bravo de Laguna and Mr. Eugenio Lopez Polo, chief Colonel of the Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment No. 94.

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