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Thursday, April 25, 2019

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October 16, 2014

Record Cruise Ship Arrivals at Gothenburg

SEK 60 million in revenue for the city

SEK 60 million in revenue for the city


Cruise tourism set a new record in Gothenburg this year. From April to October, 73 cruise ships visited Gothenburg, carrying 110,000 visitors. In total, cruise tourism generated around SEK 60 million in pure tourist revenue for the city.

Cruising is the most rapidly growing travel segment in the world and this is definitely noticeable in Gothenburg. This year, 73 ships, carrying 110,000 cruise travellers, visited the city.

Jill Söderwall, Head of Cruise Operations at the Port of Gothenburg, said: "This is an all-time high. Never before have we had so many calls. The peak was in May when we had seven calls and 12,500 guests in just two days. Everyone at the port was working flat out."

Together with Göteborg & Co, the Port of Gothenburg has invested heavily in marketing itself to cruise lines, an initiative that has produced dividends. Cruise traffic to Gothenburg has increased from nine calls in 2000 to 73 calls in 2014. Gothenburg is now the second-largest cruise destination in Sweden after Stockholm.

SEK 60 million in revenue for the city
The rise in cruise tourism is definitely benefiting Gothenburg. The average cruise tourist spends around SEK 600 on shopping, eating and sightseeing during the stopover in Gothenburg. This means around SEK 60 million is generated in pure tourist revenue for the city.

Sara Sundaeus, Cruise Manager at Göteborg & Co, said: "Gothenburg is a very popular cruise destination. The visitors enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the city, the large number of cafes and restaurants and the fact that everything is within walking distance."

The majority who cruise to Gothenburg are from Germany, the UK and the USA. Most of the cruise tourists are visiting Gothenburg for the first time.

Same number of tourists next year
Next year fewer ships are expected although the number of visitors will be almost the same. To date, 61 ships carrying just over 100,000 visitors, are scheduled to call at Gothenburg during 2015.

Jill Södervall explained: "We can see a general fall in the number of calls by cruise ships throughout the whole region next year. We regard the fact that we have succeeded in attracting as many as 61 ships as clear evidence that we have done a good job in welcoming our guests to the city."

The final cruise ship for the season will make her way into Gothenburg on Thursday. The Aida Cara will arrive from Germany carrying 1,200 visitors. She is due to arrive from Oslo at 8am and will depart for Copenhagen at 8pm.

Largest cruise ship of the year:
Royal Princess. Arrived in Gothenburg on May 14 on her maiden voyage. She is 330 metres in length and 66 metres high (as long as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and almost as high as Big Ben in London).

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