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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

February 28, 2020

Port of Hamburg: The Annual Outlook Part 1

In 2020 a lot will happen in the port of Hamburg. Jens Meier, Managing Director of the Hamburg Port Authority, gives an outlook and reports on the major port topics of the year in two episodes of PORT IS WHAT WE DO. In this first episode, he reports on the current status and significance of the major project to adjust the fairway of the Elbe. He also talks about sustainability, which will remain one of the most important topics in the Port of Hamburg in 2020, e.g. supplying ships with shore-side electricity. The Port of Hamburg is playing a pioneering role in Europe in the field of alternative energy supply.

This year, the New Railway Bridge Kattwyk project is on the home stretch. This will unbundle rail and road traffic, which will have a positive effect on traffic. Part 1 of the Annual Outlook gives an interesting insight into the port year 2020.

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