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Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Posted by January 21, 2019

New Mobile Harbor Crane Arrives at Port Canaveral

Liebherr LHM 600 mobile harbor crane arrives 
at Port Canaveral on Friday aboard the cargo vessel Happy Dover.
(Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

Liebherr LHM 600 mobile harbor crane arrives at Port Canaveral on Friday aboard the cargo vessel Happy Dover. (Photo: Canaveral Port Authority)

A new mobile harbor crane for Port Canaveral arrived at the Port’s North Cargo Berth 5. 

The mammoth crane arrived aboard the heavy load carrier, Happy Dover.  The 270-ft/ tall Liebherr LHM 600 – reportedly the largest mobile harbor crane in the U.S. – will be operational in the second quarter of 2019.  It joins two 270-foot-tall, ship-to-shore cranes in service at the Port since 2014.

The Canaveral Port Authority purchased the mobile harbor crane to accommodate the Port’s growing diverse cargo throughput, adding handling flexibility and extended lift capability, including heavy cargo and space components for the Port’s cargo operations.

Built by Liebherr Group, the LHM 600 is a multi-wheeled, 1.19-million-pound crane designed to handle all types of cargo, from containers and bulk/breakbulk, to heavy lift project including spacecraft components. With a maximum lifting capacity of 154 tons and a jib length of 190 feet, the crane has an 18-container reach for containers stacked nine high on deck. Its maximum lifting height is 148 feet. A 972-kilowatt diesel engine provides power to the crane, which has individually steerable rubber wheel sets that enable it to move in all directions.

Canaveral Port Authority’s $6.2 million acquisition cost was offset by a $2.72 million seaport grant from the Florida Department of Transportation.
The new crane arrives as the Port’s expanding diverse cargo portfolio recorded double-digit increases in Fiscal Year 2018 revenues, rising by 18 percent from FY17 to an all-time high of $10.15 million, the first time the Port has topped the $10 million mark. More than 6.4 million tons of cargo passed through the Port’s 10 berths in 2018, a 6.9 percent increase over the previous year. Cargo tonnage is expected to climb another 2.7 percent this year.

To accommodate more cargo as part of an overall infrastructure improvement plan to maximize existing bulkhead space, the Port recently modernized North Cargo Berths 1 and 2, adding new concrete decks, marine fenders, bollards and concrete curbs. In addition, the Port is transforming North Cargo Berth 8 (NCB8) into a multi-purpose cargo berth capable of handling heavy and oversized cargo. The $17.9 million project to construct a new bulkhead, extend the berth’s pier and pave upland should be completed this summer.

The crane’s initial home will be at North Cargo Berth 5. Eventually, the crane will also be used at North Cargo Berths 6 and 8 where needed.  

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