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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by December 12, 2016

New Light Tower from Larson Electronics

Image: Larson Electronics

Image: Larson Electronics

Industrial grade lighting equipment specialist Larson Electronics has released a mini tower fastened to a powder coated wheeled base, offering full portability for the mounted equipment. 

The WAL-XML-12-4.5-WC portable mini tower from Larson Electronics is suited for operators needing a portable, easy to operate system for elevating lights, cameras and other electrical equipment to heights of 12 feet. The base of the tower features four wheels for easy mobility and four outriggers to assist in stability. The outriggers are located on each corner of the mast and extend out to two feet, while also allowing adjustments on uneven terrain. The machined assembly has a pintle hitch, allowing the cart to be attached to ATVs, UTVs or trolleys for easy transport around the work area. The maneuverability of this cart also allows it to be towed by hand. The base of the tower has a flatbed area capable of accommodating other equipment, such as generators, making this unit a self-sustained portable system.   
The adjustable mast on this unit is constructed of square steel tubing, powder coated for corrosion resistance. It is vertically extended to a height of 12 feet and collapsed to four and a half feet with an included hand crank winch. The unit can support equipment weighing up to 150 pounds. This cart features counterweights that give the tower a low center of gravity to ensure that the cart does not tip over in a full elevated state. Equipped with a heavy duty adjustable tower, this unit provides operators with an easily deployed system for lights, cameras, and other equipment. 
“Larson’s new portable cart is ideal for many industrial applications, as well as the entertainment industry with its elevating design,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “The unit features easy maneuverability with a compact design, allowing the unit to be easily towed around a smaller work environment.”
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