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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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September 17, 2014

RRI Launch Marine Services J/V with a Trans-Atlantic Reach

Regional Reporting Inc. (RRI) and Global Risk Evaluations (GREvL) inform of the creation of a joint venture aimed at expanding their marine services offerings. The new company Marine Reporting International Ltd. (MRI) will combine the marine division of GREvL and RRI's UK subsidiary.

The new company Marine Reporting International Ltd. (MRI) will combine the marine division of GREvL and RRI's UK subsidiary.

MRI will be headed by John Worrall and John Arber, supported by George Stobbs and Marek Domanski. They will be joined by Matthew Cook in the UK and Stephen Cook acting as liaison with RRI's Marine Division to provide services on behalf of MRI throughout the USA and Canada.

The combined strengths of GREvL Marine and RRI will support and grow this strong North Atlantic Alliance.  This will include the provision of marine surveys/investigations and loss control surveys, as well as project cargo management.

MRI will have a headquarters operation in Billericay, Essex and will offer services to both the UK and International Marine Underwriting Markets.

"To stay competitive in the marketplace, in the face of ever increasing globalization of commerce, we must increase our presence to all corners of the earth," said Allan Myers, CEO of RRI. "With over 60 years of combined marine surveyor experience in the UK and a substantial North American footprint, MRI will bring improved levels of service and ease of business to our customers across the Atlantic and around the world."

Upon forming MRI, John Worrall, Managing Director said, "We are delighted that GREvL Marine have this new joint venture with RRI.  This North Atlantic Alliance will enable us to provide enhanced expertise and service to our London market and international clients for claims and risk control work in the US and Canada.  This will also provide the necessary platform to build a worldwide network of marine operations."

About GREvL Marine
Established in 2013 and staffed with vastly experienced surveyors and adjusters, GREvL Marine undertake a wide range of marine claims surveys and investigations, in addition to risk control and project cargo work.

About RRI
RRI is a highly regarded US consulting and insurance services firm specializing in loss control and forensic investigations, efficiently handling field surveys in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, for 50 years. Additionally, RRI provides comprehensive risk control services and casualty investigations to the marine industry on a global basis.


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