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Monday, January 27, 2020

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May 21, 2015

IRClass is 40

Arun Sharma Chairman and MD

Arun Sharma Chairman and MD


IRClass, a leading Class Society in Asia has successfully completed 40 years in the service of Maritime industry.

With the growth in India’s international trade, the country’s merchant fleet has expanded substantially from 1970s to now.  This needed to be backed by a reliable, cost effective and neutral technical body in order to promote national maritime interests and serve as a nucleus for R&D in shipping, shipbuilding & allied industries.

The Indian Register of Shipping was thus formed in April 1975 with the active support and co-operation from the Indian Shipowners and Ministry of Shipping, Government of India following the recommendations of the Sir Ramaswami Mudaliar Committee.

Today, IRClassis an established Classification Society and full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). Its services currently extend to quality certification, industrial inspection, consultancy and training services along with its core marine classification.

In a recent event commemorating this milestone, the Chief Operating Officer Mr. Sriramamurthy, in his welcome address, highlighted the journey of IRClass through humble beginnings. He shared the changes IRClass has gone through and mentioned about its ‘Beyond Class’ services under the newly formed entity IRClass Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd. The event was attended by a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Maritime, Oil & Gas to Engineering firms apart from major corporates.

Mr Arun Sharma, the Chairman and Managing Director, in his discourse, accentuated IRClass’s commitment to be “A Class by Choice” while thanking all the stakeholders for their continued support. The event showcased ‘The Journey of Four Decades of IRClass’ through a presentation that underscored the major national and international contributions made by IRClass including those to Offshore, Port and Naval sectors by way of rules & regulations, research and training.
Several senior members from the industry complimented IRClass‘s achievements ofthese four decades. Amongst the prominent figures, was Capt B B Sinha, Director Personnel & Administration – SCI, who congratulated IRClass and wishedit continued success.Mr. S M Rai, Technical Director of INSA complimented by saying, “What IRS has achieved in these 40 years is indeed remarkable”. Also, Mr. Avinash Harde of Hindustan Construction Company said “We have worked with IRS for 20 years and always preferred IRS as they take correct and logical decisions during the inspection which evidences the strong emphasis on the training process a surveyor goes through.

Mr. Soli Engineer (Ex. GOL Offshore and Independent Consultant), Mrs Nafeesa Moolobhoy (AS Moolobhoy  Pvt. Ltd.)and Mr R.M.Nety (Ambuja Cements), all expressed that IRClass surveyors are now more responsive, professional and focused on providing solutions. Mr Nety further suggested that IRClass should focus on coastal shipping and develop rules towards increasing use of cleaner fuels like LNG.

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