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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Honing Skill Of Seafarers Using SATCOM

November 6, 2014




Maritime operational effectiveness is to be enhanced globally through the provision of training and certification for seafarers assigned to use advanced satellite communication systems on-board commercial vessels.

The initiative, which has been tailored for maritime professionals serving on thousands of commercial vessels at sea, is being led by Seagull Maritime, a Norwegian provider of seafarer training, and GVF, the London-based international association of the satellite communications industry. 

“Ship owners and managers depend daily upon broadband satellite communications for mission-critical applications”, said Roger Ringstad, Master Mariner and Managing Director of Seagull Maritime. “Everything from navigation and asset tracking, to seafarer health and safety can be more effectively provided by ensuring that training is available for the operation of maritime satellite systems. Therefore, we are pleased to make the GVF Marine Satcom learning and certification modules available to seafarers through the Seagull Maritime global training system.”

“Having enrolled more than 10,000 trainees in GVF’s land-based Certification programme, Seagull Maritime’s leadership in the maritime sector will now enable the satellite industry to offer vital skills-building to the seafaring community,” said David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF. "The Seagull Maritime network, combined with interactive GVF training developed by SatProf, is being made available in response to unprecedented demand for maritime broadband satellite communications.”

Key features of the training and Certification programme include the following:

    Real-Time Skills Building: With thousands of earth stations currently operating onboard fleets of commercial vessels, the Seagull Maritime-GVF collaboration will enable delivery of training to mariners who are already at sea. This will be achieved through provision of GVF’s SatProf interactive training via the Seagull Maritime computer systems now in use on the vessels.

    Professional Advancement: Seafarers who successfully complete the designated training courses, which include integral exams, will receive GVF Marine Satcom Operator Specialist Certifications, which have been endorsed by the global satellite industry. InterManager members have begun a research project to evaluate the benefits of "Certification". InterManager is the international association of in-house and third party ship managers.

    Improved Operations: Ship owners and managers will benefit from reinforced skills that enable communications applications that reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, and optimise crew safety and welfare.

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