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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Posted by September 6, 2016

Globecomm Integrates Business Units

  • Malcolm McMaster, President (Photo: Globecomm Maritime)
  • Dickon Webb, General Manager (Photo: Globecomm Maritime)
  • Malcolm McMaster, President (Photo: Globecomm Maritime) Malcolm McMaster, President (Photo: Globecomm Maritime)
  • Dickon Webb, General Manager (Photo: Globecomm Maritime) Dickon Webb, General Manager (Photo: Globecomm Maritime)

Globecomm,  providers of maritime connectivity services, is integrating its Telaurus and Globecomm South Africa business units to enhance service provision to ship owners.

Globecomm South Africa is an Inmarsat Distribution Partner and L-Band specialist supporting service providers and resellers, while Telaurus has been one of the maritime industry’s leading communications solutions providers for many years.
Both companies will operate under the Globecomm Maritime brand, providing VSAT, L-Band and cellular communications to a fleet of over 4,000 vessels.
The integration of the two units will make more resources available in a streamlined service offering, with faster response to client requirements. Enhanced support will operate around the clock from more regional locations.
The current leaders of the two organizations will continue to lead the combined organization, with Malcolm McMaster serving as President of Globecomm Maritime and Dickon Webb serving as General Manager.
“We are in a period of fundamental change for the maritime communications market, which is moving from an era of scarce bandwidth and high prices to one of increased supply and greater competition,” said Malcolm McMaster. “More than ever, our customers need help to navigate this environment, to make sense of the services available and understand what they should expect from their service provider.”
In addition to provisioning L-Band and VSAT connectivity, Globecomm Maritime delivers value-added services in the form of Nimbus and Cirrus, a cloud-based management platform for narrowband and broadband communications. Also available is a range of data and voice connectivity solutions, including BYOD support via the Globecomm App and AccessGSM, as well as high quality pre and post-paid VOIP services which can be used on a range of devices.
Further tools include Aegis, a network-based unified threat management, usage reporting and firewalling tool and MWC, a network-based crew calling platform. These formerly separate services will be integrated into a single offering to better serve the needs of vessel operators.
“Retaining maritime customers and winning new ones will more and more be about what value and differentiators you can deliver as a service provider,” said Dickon Webb. “We’re in an extremely cost-conscious market and very few service providers have our level of knowledge about what L-Band and VSAT services can do and how to get the best from added value applications.”
Earlier this year, Globecomm unveiled Globecomm VSAT, powered by iDirect, a high-capacity multi-band communications solution designed to deliver ‘industrial strength’ connectivity to fixed and mobile assets on a global basis.
The service provides a broad range of high-throughput applications over a robust, flexible and scalable network designed specifically to deliver shared services and private networks to customers in maritime and energy markets.
Globecomm’s coverage has recently been expanded to provide Ku-Band coverage in the South Atlantic to serve merchant shipping, Ku-Band coverage in the Barents Sea for fishing and offshore customers and regional C-Band services covering Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to meet expanded offshore industry demand.
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