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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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January 19, 2022

UK: ABP Gets Marine License for Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility for Offshore Wind Support

Credit: ABP

Credit: ABP

UK's Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has recently granted a marine license to Associated British Ports (ABP) for the development of the Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility (LEEF) for offshore wind.

This followed a period of collaboration and joint working, beginning in November 2020, when ABP applied to the MMO to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the reconstruction of the existing quay in the Outer Harbour at the Port of Lowestoft. The proposed works also required a capital dredge of the approach channels and a maintenance dredge and disposal program to be put in place once construction was completed, MMO said Wednesday.

ABP has said that its £25 million development of the Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility (LEEF) would enable the Port of Lowestoft to support the offshore wind sector in achieving the UK Government’s target of 40GW of offshore wind energy by 2030.

The LEEF development will create more quayside space, and deeper water allowing for three O&M vessels to use the berth simultaneously, as well as new offices and additional facilities for Crew Transfer Vessels. This work will be done alongside the retention and improvement of fish landing sites, to continue support of the local fishing industry, ABP has said. The works on the facility are expected to kick off this year.

Adam Chumbley, MMO Marine Licensing Manager said: "We aim to provide a friendly and supportive service to all marine licence applicants and this case is a good example of how positive outcomes can be achieved by working together.

"Our role in licensing marine development is to provide solutions that protect the sea and deliver environmental, economic and societal benefits. Enabling sustainable marine activities and development actively supports the government’s ambitions in its 25 Year Environment Plan and supports economic growth for the UK economy."

Sophie Young, Environmental Lead, Associated British Ports said: "At ABP, we’re proud our LEEF development will support the increased production of more renewable, clean energy and bring hundreds of new jobs, investment and interest to the region.  The collaboration between ABP, the MMO and East Suffolk Council has been exemplary, and has allowed us to deliver against the needs of multiple stakeholders in an efficient and coordinated way.