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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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November 6, 2019

GasLog Provides FSU for Panama Project

Pic: GasLog

Pic: GasLog

GasLog has recently signed a 10-year time charter with Sinolam LNG Terminal, S.A.  for the provision of an LNG FSU to a gas-fired power project being developed in Panama.

The time charter is expected to be fulfilled through the conversion of the GasLog Singapore, a 155,000 cbm TFDE LNG carrier built in 2010. The required modifications are such that, as well as being FSU ready, the vessel will still be able to trade as an LNG carrier following the conversion work.

The conversion will take place in conjunction with the vessel’s scheduled 5-year dry-docking and special survey in the third quarter of 2020, enabling both time and cost synergies. The charter commences on delivery of the FSU in Panama, which is scheduled for late 2020.

Since September 2016, the GasLog Singapore has been trading in the LNG carrier spot market. The FSU contract is for a fixed period, thereby delivering 100% utilization for the duration of the charter.

The FSU will also incur lower operating expenses than if the vessel was trading as an LNG carrier, with GasLog estimating that the charter will generate approximately $20 million of EBITDA per annum over its 10-year life.

The FSU will receive, store and send out LNG to a gas-fired power plant currently being developed near Colón, Panama, by Sinolam Smarter Energy LNG Power Company, a subsidiary of private Chinese investment group Shanghai Gorgeous Investment Development Company.

The power project has signed long-term power purchase agreements with leading Panamanian utility companies as well as a 15-year LNG sale and purchase agreement with Royal Dutch Shell plc.

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