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Monday, August 3, 2020

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September 11, 2018

DFDS: New Intermodal Link Between Sweden and Turkey

(Photo: DFDS)

(Photo: DFDS)

Denmark-headquartered shipping company DFDS is offering a new connection between Sweden and Turkey following its recent acquisition of Turkish company UN Ro-Ro.

Through the Sweden – Turkey intermodal connection now in effect, the carrier offers connections from Gothenburg in Sweden to Trieste in Italy, Patras in Greece and Pendik, Ambarli and Mersin in Turkey.

By connecting the existing DFDS network in northern Europe with the new routes in southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, DFDS is capable of offering transportation of cargo from North to South and back. All routes and terminals in this connection are in DFDS ownership and control.

The new intermodal connection offers shipping transportation on the Gothenburg – Ghent and Trieste – Pendik/Ambarli/Mersin routes. There will also be a stopover in Patras, Greece.

DFDS said it will use Bettembourg in Luxembourg as the continental hub for the intermodal connection and has a solid cooperation over railways with CFL. Trailers are shunted from Bettembourg to Ghent over road, a second option via rail is being developed.

The following intermodal connections are offered:

  • Gothenburg – Ghent – Trieste (transit time 4 days)
  • Gothenburg – Ghent – Trieste – Pendik (transit time 7 days)
  • Gothenburg – Ghent – Trieste – Ambarli (transit time 8 days)
  • Gothenburg – Ghent – Trieste – Mersin (transit time 9 days)
  • Gothenburg – Ghent – Trieste – Patras (transit time 5 days)
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