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Monday, September 23, 2019

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June 21, 2016

Cooperation to Enhance Maritime Security in West and Central Africa

Photo:  International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 Maritime security experts have met in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (15-17 June) to share expertise on how cooperation on maritime surveillance monitoring and communication systems in the South Atlantic can benefit countries in west and central Africa. 

Delegates from 11 African countries, the Brazilian Navy and various African regional organizations and other countries shared their experiences and challenges in enhancing maritime security, with a view to improving maritime security through better maritime governance, maritime situation awareness and cooperation across the South Atlantic.
The meeting also discussed the institutional framework required to foster maritime governance and security in the South Atlantic. 
 International Maritime Organization (IMO)  and the Brazilian Navy co-sponsored an “Experts Panel meeting on Maritime Security in the South Atlantic” – a follow-up meeting to the Situational Awareness Workshop also held in Brazil last year, which sought to identify opportunities for technical cooperation, training and assistance to countries which are part of the South Atlantic Maritime Coordination Area.
Additionally, IMO’s Chris Trelawny had the privilege of awarding the prestigious Brazilian Maritime Safety Award, to the Brazilian naval ship corvette Almirante Barroso, which was involved in rescuing 220 immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea in September last year. 
Gisela Vieira, Maritime Safety Division, joined Trelawny in representing IMO at the various activities.
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