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Monday, November 20, 2017

New Container Handling System in Copenhagen

Posted by November 17, 2016

Photo: CMP

Photo: CMP

Handling at the container terminal in Copenhagen is being further improved with Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, putting a new logistics system into operation. This will give the customers an even better and faster service in the future.

PIC, the new Terminal Operating System (TOS), will enable CMP to link its own processes with those of its customers. With the support of the system’s supplier, PICit, CMP’s system went live in the container operation in Copenhagen early this morning.

“We have been looking forward to the implementation, and are delighted that it is now under way. We are convinced that PIC TOS will enable CMP to offer both customers and collaborative partners even better and more efficient handling in the terminal in the future”, says Povl Dolleris Røjkjær Ungar, COO Port & Terminal Operations, Copenhagen Malmö Port.
PICit will also be on site at the container terminal in Copenhagen to ensure a successful implementation.

“A large number of parties are affected by a TOS implementation, and it is important that we deliver a satisfactory transition from implementation project to operation which satisfies everybody involved”, says Henrik Højen Andersen, CEO, Sales & Customer Services, PICit. 

The container terminal in Copenhagen opened at 05.00 today in order to facilitate the change-over to PIC TOS, and additional personnel were on site.

“As with all changes of system, some challenges can arise in the initial phase, but we are well prepared and hope that any delays in the coming days will meet with understanding. We will do all we can to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for our customers and collaborative partners”, concludes Povl Dolleris Røjkjær Ungar.
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