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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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June 24, 2021

15 Companies make the cut in PortXL Maritime Acceleration Program

Fifteen companies from 11 countries were selected by a panel of industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs for the 6th PortXL acceleration program in Rotterdam. 

Starting in September, they will spend three months in Rotterdam. The PortXL team and its large network of expert mentors and partners will support them in validating their technologies and scaling their businesses. The program will end on December 2, when the signed contracts between innovators and corporate partners, such as Port of Rotterdam and Van Oord, will be announced at the Shakedown event. In 2019 said event saw over 500 guests attending and 29 contracts signed by the 16 participants.

The mission of PortXL is the acceleration of innovative technologies for the green energy, maritime, logistics and process industry in port regions across the world. PortXL facilitates the signing of paid pilot contracts, leading to entrepreneurs validating their technology while corporates can test the latest solutions at competitive prices. Furthermore, they get their own teams inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit. This plays a part in keeping Rotterdam on the top spot for smartest port in the world and works towards the goal of a CO2 neutral and digital port.

Photo courtesy PortXL

The 15 selected companies are:

  1. Clewat, Finland – Vessels cleaning up garbage and microplastics from waterways up to 200 cubic meters of biomass per hour.
  2. Reefy, The Netherlands – Artificial reef structures to protect marine life and the coastline.
  3. HelioRec, Russia – Floating solar power plants.
  4. Sealution, Belgium – On-board crew safety and data system able to locate and alert a superior in case of an emergency or accident of any crewmember.
  5. Water Insight, The Netherlands – Portable water quality spectrometer using satellite data to monitor effects of dredging or construction.
  6. H3 Dynamics, Singapore – Autonomous drone operations with propriety docking station.
  7. i4Sea, Brazil – Precise models allowing advance knowledge of the condition of tides, currents, waves, winds, and precipitation for an interest area.
  8. TechBinder, The Netherlands – Improving human-machine interaction by adopting new technologies such as AR and data analytics.
  9. Navigine, Russia – Navigation and tracking capabilities inside buildings independent of the external environment.
  10. Fregata Space, Spain – Machine Learning as a Service (SaaS) platform including satellite imagery with warning systems that detect pollutants, oil and chemical spills.
  11. LexX Technologies, Australia – Digital intelligence for optimized maintenance.
  12. Breeze Technologies, Germany – Technology leader for air quality sensors, air quality data and air quality analytics software.
  13. Seaqualize, The Netherlands – Smartly balanced heave compensation systems that reduce heave motions and set down-velocities by up to 95%.
  14. Mental Health Support Solutions, Germany – Qualified team of psychologists providing support and solutions to individuals and companies through 24/7 hotline, training, and workshops.
  15. ecoSPEARS, USA – Technology systems for removing PCBs (highly toxic industrial compounds) from land & water sources using NASA technology.