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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Posted by April 20, 2015

ClassNK Opens R&D Center in Singapore

Left to right: RM Kurashiki (ClassNK), T Kinoshita (ClassNK), PM Ravindran (ClassNK) and Dr Thepsithar (NTU). (Photo courtesy of ClassNK)

Left to right: RM Kurashiki (ClassNK), T Kinoshita (ClassNK), PM Ravindran (ClassNK) and Dr Thepsithar (NTU). (Photo courtesy of ClassNK)

Classification society ClassNK promoted the activities of its new Global Research and Innovation Center (GRIC) at a press conference held today in Singapore.
Joined by representatives from Nanyang Technological University, ClassNK Executive Vice President Tetsuya Kinoshita explained the rationale behind GRIC and the current goals for the center. The two main sectors that GRIC will cover are:
  • Maritime technologies: Research and development into creating new technologies and improving existing technologies in the fields of safe/smart ships such as condition-based monitoring technology, and eco-technology covering areas such as alternative fuel engine technologies, and emission control.
  • Marine renewable energy: Establishing a marine energy test site for the tropics to support R&D in energy storage systems, biofouling materials, energy converters, prototype design testing, and creating possibilities to provide energy for maritime industry usage like in ports and harbors.
“The establishment of the Global Research and Innovation Center represents ClassNK’s commitment to developing innovative solutions,” Kinoshita said. “GRIC’s location in Singapore will make R&D projects accessible to international industry partners, and allow us to work with top academic institutions such as NTU and other sectors of the maritime cluster here in Singapore. We are excited to be building a smarter and greener future for the entire maritime industry from here in Singapore.”
In addition to presentations on ClassNK activities, representatives from both ClassNK and NTU gave in-depth presentations on the marine energy feasibility study and maritime energy test bed projects, as detailed below:
  • “ClassNK in Singapore” - Toshio Kurashiki, Operating Officer and Regional Manager of South Asia and Oceania, ClassNK
  • “A New Center for Global R&D” - Tetsuya Kinoshita, Executive Vice President, ClassNK
  • ”Marine Renewable Energy Test Site for the Tropics” - Pallaniappan Ravindran, Program Manager, GRIC, ClassNK
  • “Maritime Energy Test Bed and Collaborative Project with Industry and ClassNK” - Dr. Prapisala Thepsithar, Senior Scientist, Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)