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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

‘Cargo Day’ to Raise Support for Mercy Ships

Posted by October 17, 2016

Photo: Mercy Ships

Photo: Mercy Ships

The first ever Cargo Day is set for October 19, when the global shipping and trading community will work together to raise support for international charity Mercy Ships.
Mercy Ships serves some of the poorest countries in the world, operating the world’s largest private hospital ship, with a second vessel currently under construction to be fully deployed in 2018, thus expanding the ability to deliver medical care while significantly increasing capacity building and training potential.
In order to continue to use its hospital ship to help millions of people in need of surgical and medical care, Mercy Ships is seeking the combined action of the shipping and trading community through the Cargo Day, which will see members of the shipping community pledge cargoes, make donations or share their commission in favor of the charity on October 19.
Charterers will pledge cargoes, called Mercy Cargoes, to participating shipbrokers, port agents and inspection companies, who will then donate 50 percent of their commission made on these cargoes to Mercy Ships. Charterers and ship owners will also have the possibility to make a pledge directly to Mercy Ships through three levels of donation.
The butterfly effect is the concept that small changes can have large effects, creating significantly different outcomes. For the first time, all the actors involved in the shipping and commodity trading industry will be able to collaborate on a dedicated event aiming to improve the lives of millions of people.
How to participate: simply click the link “I want to participate” found here: Participate in CargoDay and follow the instructions that appear on your screen. Thos interested can also send an email to info@mercyshipscargoday.org, and a Cargo Day representative will get in touch with you. 
Mercy Ships