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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

September 9, 2019

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy Announces Management Changes

Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy’s President and CO-CEO, Capt. Ed Nanartowich, announced a reorganization of the upper management tier of the school.

The move supports both deck and engine course development efforts, special project, and the schools curriculum expansion projects. Chief Engineer Doug Puritis, was appointed Vice President of Academics and spearheads all course development projects as well as servicing as an advanced course instructor and course developer.

Chief Engineer Ray Blanchet serves as the Vice President of Operations and has expanded the curriculum base.  He is reaching out to companies that need atypical maritime training (not mandated by the IMO or NMC)  to improve their shipboard or crew competencies,  Both Engineers have a superb range and depth of engineering experience, and are retired senior Chief Engineers from Military Sealift Command with over three decades of experience apiece with MSC and commercial experience as well.

Captain Randall Rockwood joined Mid-Atlantic Maritime as an advanced course instructor, and assumed the role as Director of Shiphandling following his retirement as a Senior Master with the Navy’s Military Sealift Command.  In his career at sea, Capt. Rockwood has had many high profiles assignments with over 14 assignments as Master.  The trio have added innovative solutions to a variety of developmental projects to the benefit of the mariners that pass through Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy.  

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