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Burning Vessel Diverted to Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Dec 30, 2023

The US Coast Guard is continuing to assess a fire reported on the 410-foot general cargo vessel Genius Star XI off Dutch Harbor, Alaska.The vessel is carrying lithium-ion batteries, and the fire started on Christmas Day in cargo hold No. 1. The crew released carbon dioxide into the hold and sealed it over concerns of an explosion.The Coast Guard then diverted the vessel to Dutch Harbor while an HC…

Scanunit Helps Ferry Aurora in first PFAS/PFOS Conversion

Feb 15, 2024

Battery-powered Öresundslinjen ferry notches up an environmental first with turnkey conversion and decontamination of soon to be outlawed PFAS/PFOS fire-fighting foam to an environmentally friendly alternative.Scanunit has carried out what it…

Time is Running Out for some Fi-Fi Foams

Dec 18, 2023

A new IMO resolution will see the phase-out of foam firefighting systems that use fluorinated foams containing perfluoro-octane sulfonic acid (PFOS) as the foam-producing component. The new rules come into effect under a rolling programme beginning in 2026…

Lies, Damn Lies, and Inextinguishable Lore – EV Fires

Oct 19, 2023

A few weeks ago I was talking to some professional fire fighters and was regaled with EV fire fighting disasters. They told me that EV caught fire all the time, that EV fires were much more dangerous than gasoline fires, and that fire trucks could not carry enough water to put out an EV fire…

Ship Fire at Port Newark Extinguished

Jul 11, 2023

The Unified Command consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Newark Fire Department, and Gallagher Marine Systems has successfully concluded shipboard fire response operations at Port Newark and is transitioning to the investigation and salvage operations…

Coast Guard and Local Authorities Join Forces in Response to Port Newark Vessel Fire

Jul 07, 2023

A Unified Command has been established to continue response to the fire aboard Grimaldi cargo vessel Grande Costa D’Avorio, which caught fire Wednesday night around 9:30 PM at the Port of Newark, an incident in which two firefighters died Thursday…

Firefighting at Sea – Towards a Safe Ship Concept

Nov 14, 2022

The most important of all international maritime safety conventions is the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). The first version was adopted at a conference in London in 1914. The catalyst for this conference was…

CMA CGM Inks Deal for Fleetwide Adoption of HydroPen Firefighting Tool

Oct 05, 2022

Viking Life-Saving Equipment secured a major order for its container fire-fighting tool HydroPen, following a decision by the CMA CGM Group to adopt the solution across its entire fleet.In 2020, CMA CGM ordered HydroPen sets to equip its larger containerships…

Marine Insurance: Cargo Fires are a Burning Issue for Shipping

Jun 07, 2022

Commercial insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty released its Safety & Shipping Review, an annual analysis of shipping losses and accidents worldwide.  The 2022 report reveals that the maritime sector continues its long-term positive…

Bangladesh: Deadly Container Depot Fire Under Control

Jun 07, 2022

Firefighters in Bangladesh brought a blaze at a container depot under control on Tuesday, three days after fiery explosions killed at least 43 people at a facility that a senior fire service official suspected had not followed safety guidelines…

NFPA Certificated Marine Chemists – A Century of Fire Protection and Life Safety

Apr 14, 2022

As the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee on Gas Hazards votes on the First Draft of the next edition of NFPA 306, Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels, the NFPA Certificated Marine Chemist Program…

Maritime Safety: Viking Aquires HydroPen Container FiFi System

May 05, 2021

Viking Life-Saving Equipment has acquired HydroPen, the company behind the unique HydroPen container firefighting solution.  HydroPen, attached to a ship’s hose and raised on a telescopic arm by a single crew member, uses water pressure alone…

Top Maritime Trends of 2020: Tackling the Scourge of Containership Fires

Dec 09, 2020

The proliferation of serious fires onboard container ships in recent years has shocked the shipping industry. Here we examine the causes and impact of such fires and the urgent efforts being made by a wide variety of stakeholders to solve this seemingly intractable problem…

Maritime Training: Non-Traditional Maritime Simulation

Dec 01, 2020

Our COVID-19 maritime world continues to change as our perspectives on education and training with the availability of online learning and conferencing, an increased use of webinars, and the use of simulation technology must evolve if we are…

Tech to Fight Container Fires

Oct 22, 2020

Fire safety has become a major concern in the container shipping industry, in particular, with vessels of 20,000-TEU and more entering the market. A fire in just one container can have catastrophic implications for the whole of the cargo. The…

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Shiploader Collapses at Brazil's Recife Port

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Port Houston Surpasses One Million TEU Mark in First Quarter

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