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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

July 13, 2022

Mike Rodriguez to Complete Tenure as Interim Director of MITAGS

Mike Rodriguez (Photo: MITAGS)

Mike Rodriguez (Photo: MITAGS)

On August 1, Interim Director of MITAGS, Mike Rodriguez, will be returning to his position as a part-time MITAGS faculty member.

"Working as I have with everyone at MITAGS has been a great experience for me,” Rodriguez said. “The MITAGS West team are innovative. Our conference team is smart and determined. Our operations folks just make it happen every day. Our instructors are knowledgeable and dedicated. The hotel and food service staff are good, hard-working folks who lay the foundation for everything we do here. It has been inspiring for me to be a part of it all."

Rodriguez stepped into the role of Interim Director of MITAGS in February of this year, taking on the day-to-day administration of MITAGS’ academic programs and courses and providing invaluable support during the transition of Glen Paine’s retirement from and Eric Friend’s succession as Executive Director of MITAGS-MCC.

"Mike has been an asset to our instructors and to all of our staff,” Friend said. “His leadership experience and his diverse knowledge of maritime, education, and labor affairs has contributed to MITAGS’ ability to continuing to rebuild following the pandemic and helped ease our way through our leadership transition." Eric added, "We are making progress toward bringing Mike's relief aboard. We hope to make an announcement soon."

“Mike’s supportive, honest and truly cares,” said Emily Hopkins, Assistant Director of MITAGS and Director, MITAGS West Coast Campus. “We’ll definitely have him out to teach at the West Coast.”