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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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April 27, 2018

IMO Urges Governments to Implement HNS Convention

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The IMO treaty covering compensation for damage caused by Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS) transported by sea is the subject of a workshop underway at International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters, London (26-27 April). 

The event  is focused on helping governments to understand and implement the HNS Convention, and follows excellent progress made earlier this week, when Canada and Turkey signed up to the treaty. This brings the total contributing cargo to 28.7 million tonns – 72% of that needed for the treaty to enter into force. 
By addressing practical issues raised by States implementing the Convention, the workshop aims to enable further governments to sign up to the treaty. These issues include how to report on contributing cargo - a step that also needs to be taken prior to a State being able to ratify or accede to the Convention. 
HNS incidents and risks, views from the shipping industry and a panel discussion by States that have implemented the Convention are all part of a busy agenda.
The event is organized in cooperation with the IOPC Funds, with IMO Legal Director, Frederick Kenney, and IOPC Funds Director, José Maura, addressing the opening session – both emphasizing the importance of the HNS Convention as the key missing piece in the puzzle of the international maritime liability and compensation regime.
This work is representative of IMO’s on-going efforts to support its Member countries in adopting and bringing in key regulations that help make shipping safer, cleaner and greener.
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