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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

November 25, 2018

ShipNet Ties-up with ShipMate

Marine software and platform companies ShipNet and ShipMate announced a strategic exclusive partnership to provide advanced workflow capabilities for crew management and payroll solutions integrated with safety management, planned maintenance services (PMS) and procurement solutions.

The partnership brings close collaboration delivering workflow functionality focused on productivity, improving efficiency and streamlining crewing operations – undoubtedly one of the highest OPEX items for maritime companies.

This integrated solution will not only provide maritime companies access to every dollar value spent on crew related services, but will also support maritime companies compliance with various crewing regulations and standards.

“The unified solution is an excellent testament to our vision of developing an integrated platform for our customers. ShipNet One has the capability to provide integrated services with more than 18 strategic partners with the intention of reducing the challenges of maintaining integrations and keeping the costs low whilst giving our customers access to significant benchmarks, reports and information to make day to day decisions”, said Suren Thadani, CEO of ShipNet.

S.B. Nair, MD of ShipMate, added onto this, saying: “This partnership will enable ShipMate to deliver new features that will help our customers become more efficient and reduce costs. By partnering with ShipNet, we become a part of one of the only maritime ecosystems as a platform that exists in our industry”.

ShipNet is a Maritime Platform organization that offers maritime customers financial, operations and chartering, safety management, planned maintenances services and procurement applications.

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