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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Posted by November 4, 2019

RORO Company Launches New Platform

Photo: RORO Company

Photo: RORO Company

The Roll On Roll Off (RORO) Company, a digital freight forwarder, recently launched its new platform, RORO.com, to accelerate global trade of large assets. With access to instant quotes, schedules and bookings, users can save time and money on shipping machinery, automobiles, boats and more.  

Global trade of large assets moves too slowly. Online auctions, such as Ritchie Bros., make it easy to purchase items worldwide, but delivering these items across the world is slow. The current model relies on a subset of shipping companies called freight forwarders. Simply receiving a quote takes an average of three to four business days. RORO.com eliminates the wait time and gives users direct access to quote, book and manage RORO shipments instantly. RORO.com is a free service allowing customers to increase revenue, lower costs and reduce administrative tasks, so they can focus on their business.

RORO stands for Roll-On Roll-Off, a type of shipping vessel designed to ship oversized freight. Cargo is driven on and off board using built-in ramps, and secured across multiple levels for transit. RORO vessels make up 23% of annual U.S. port calls with companies like Caterpillar, BMW and Kia using them to transport assets worldwide.

Co-founders Tareq Shrourou, Guillermo Pichardo and Hunter Henry are here to disrupt the industry. “Over the years, I have seen our society grow from technology, but freight shipping has remained stagnant. There is a need to maximize time and effort and RORO.com is here to do that,” says Shrourou. “This company was created to make shipping large freight faster and easier,” adds Pichardo. “With our commitment to full transparency, users can get the info they need quickly.”

RORO.com does not stop at the booking. The RORO Company prides itself on their in-house operations team providing white glove personal concierge services. With you every step of the way, they navigate the ground transport, customs clearance, insurance and more.

The RORO Company partners with 16 carriers and growing, providing access to 21 US ports and 150 destinations in South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. In addition to RORO services, they offer static, breakbulk and container freight. The company plans to introduce import shipping services on RORO.com and eventually connect all global trade routes. The goal is to make RORO.com synonymous with shipping large freight worldwide.