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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by April 13, 2016

RedPort XGate Now Includes PredictWind Weather Service

Newly available version of RedPort XGate satellite email and data services suite now includes PredictWind weather forecasting service, letting users select, download and view marine weather forecasts over satellite and cellular networks. 
RedPort Global announced the immediate availability of a new version of XGate, now including the PredictWind Offshore weather-forecasting app. XGate is an independent satellite data acceleration service letting people easily and affordably access accelerated email, web, weather data, social media and blogging wherever they go. PredictWind Offshore allows users to download and immediately view GRIB files, weather routes, GMDSS Text forecasts and Satellite Imagery. The integration of the two products gives world-class weather information to XGate users while letting PredictWind Offshore users access files via satellite phones and terminals with XGate and XGate-compatible routers, including RedPort Optimizer routers. 
“Satellite phone users are often in areas where accurate, up-to-date weather forecasts are critical to their activities, whether on land or offshore. PredictWind has built one of the most-loved and best-reviewed weather forecasting services available, with the features and accuracy needed by satellite phone users,” said Dr. Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global. “Now, with just a few clicks, XGate users can easily select, download and view sophisticated weather forecasts. Plus, PredictWind users who add XGate can now access forecasts over virtually any modern satellite phone or terminal.”   
PredictWind service is offered with three levels of service. PredictWind Free for XGate, included at no additional cost for active XGate subscribers, lets users request, download and view worldwide weather forecasts using the XGate service and satellite phone. Predictwind Standard adds proprietary detailed world weather maps as well as weather routing, departure planning and increased local resolution. PredictWind Professional offers the highest resolution weather GRIB files, the best available current and tidal information, along with the Standard package features. PredictWind Standard and PredictWind Professional are fee-based upgrades that will be available with the ease, speed and reliability XGate's of one button access. 
“This partnership with XGate allows PredictWind customers to access our cutting-edge weather services from more places and in more ways that ever before,” said Jon Bilger, President of PredictWind. “PredictWind is the world leader in wind forecasts, and the only private company to offer worldwide weather models, PWG and PWC. Our proven technology has the highest resolution on the web, and most advanced weather forecast tools, including; Weather Routing; Departure Planning; Forecast Alerts; and GPS tracking.  You can access forecasts on our website, iOS and Android Apps, or the Offshore App on Mac, Windows, or iOS - designed for use over satellite services.”
Other XGate services include: 
  • Accelerated Email – Email service offers up to 20 times acceleration versus uncompressed speeds, saving up to 85 percent on satellite airtime
  • Accelerated Web Browsing – Compression uses a web proxy service to provide users with 3-5 times average web acceleration, while also blocking ads, checking for malicious sites and compressing images.  
  • Text-based Mobile Weather Forecasts  – XGate mobile weather forecasts delivery up to 7 days of a variety of text-based weather forecasts for iOS and Android users. 
  • Social media – Users can post text and photos to Facebook and Twitter over satellite and cellular narrowband devices
  • Blogging – Users get free access to a Sailblogs premium basic account to help them share their adventures while travelling with their satphone
XGate Mobile Apps Compatible Operating Systems: 
  • Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
  • Google Android smartphones and tablets
RedPort XGate is offered by satellite service providers using the XGate brand by ClientSat, Global Marine Networks, MultiSat, Satellite Phone Store and under other brand names, including: Network Innovations Speedmail, Satphone.Me from Satphonestore.com, MVS MVSMail and SatLink from BlueCosmo/SatWorx.