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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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May 18, 2012

Private Maritime Security Insights via Webcasts

Photo credit Nexus

Photo credit Nexus

Nexus Consulting announces maritime “Use of Force” flexible webcast series

Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria, LLC, a provider of private maritime safety and security solutions, announce an upcoming series of webcast events (follow-along paper available ) that provide insight into the maritime security Use of Force (UoF) protocols.

The webcast series is being held in response to a recent viral video that portrayed non-Nexus private security personnel firing on small crafts in the open sea.

“We believe that the use of force – especially deadly force – is always a last option when engaging potential hostilities,” said Kevin Doherty, President of Nexus Consulting. “We’re responding to the marketplace demands for a review on this issue, and this viral video provides the perfect talking points for our customers and peers to review.”

Webcast Abstract:

Piracy and hostile threats in the maritime domain are not going away - moreover, the world is becoming increasingly dangerous, as finite commodities become less and less available. It is possible to operate safely and securely in the maritime domain with these threats, and the ability to keep mariners safe must be paramount.

The use of Maritime Security firms (MARSEC) has proven to be the most successful prevention of pirate hijackings, as no vessel with an armed security team has been hijacked thus far. Properly trained, licensed and authorized security firms bridge the delta between the commercial maritime needs and the international community's ability to provide naval support.

However, utilizing MARSEC firms is proving to be difficult waters to chart for many, specifically how these firms utilize force. Proper licensing, vetting and support must be conducted and available to ensure the highest standards of UoF are followed. The webcast will occur several times across five days, and will be tailored to meet the time zone and convenience needs of US, UK, European, Middle East and Asian audiences.

The review of the viral video being showcased is based on the limited facts, statements and public domain information available. These webcasts and review of the video are solely intended to foster further discussions on the proper Use of Force in the maritime domain.

Follow-along PDF here.


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