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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

April 3, 2020

Port Canaveral Furloughs Cruise Personnel

© Tamme Wichmann / Adobe Stock

© Tamme Wichmann / Adobe Stock

One of the world's busiest cruise ports announced it will furlough some of its employees following a shutdown of cruise line operations due to the coronavirus outbreak, Port Canaveral announced on Friday.

The Florida seaport, which remains operational for the flow of commercial cargo and to support naval operations, said it will temporarily furlough employees dedicated to its cruise operations and recreation business segments whose job functions are not required for current operations.

The port said affected employees have been notified and will remain Canaveral Port Authority employees through the duration of the furlough period, which is effective Friday and expected to last until May 30 pending the resumption of cruise lines operations at Port Canaveral.

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