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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

October 18, 2014

Open Ship a Success


Amaliekajen was buzzing with life during Culture Night, when the Danish Maritime Authority’s vessel Poul Løwenørn lowered the gangway and invited everyone interested on board.

Many interested visitors turned up to see the Danish Maritime Authority’s inspection vessel Poul Løwenørn on Culture Night, 10 October, when open ship was held as a part of Danish Maritime Days. Here, the visitors could see the various types of buoys used as aids to navigation. They could also go to the navigation bridge and talk to an officer about the work on board or witness a rescue operation with persons in the water – with and without a lifejacket.

“We experienced a great interest in the vessel, safety at sea and aids to navigation. It is, after all, a new subject to most people so the visitors had many good questions. It was a success and we plan to repeat it next year”, said Christian Kopp Pedersen, Manager, Operations, at the Danish Maritime Authority.

Danish Maritime Authority