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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Posted by September 6, 2019

Naylor Named Resolve Maritime Academy Director

Chauncey Naylor (Photo: Resolve Maritime Academy)

Chauncey Naylor (Photo: Resolve Maritime Academy)

Resolve Maritime Academy, the learning arm of the Resolve Marine Group, has welcomed Chauncey Naylor as the Academy’s new Director responsible for operational management, strategic course, and certification development. 

Naylor comes to Resolve from Williams Fire and Hazard Control in Port Arthur, Texas with extensive experience leading safety management and emergency service teams.

For the past 23 years, Naylor has been a driving force behind Williams’ response teams earning himself the prestigious Red Adair Industrial Community Award.  Naylor, highly decorated in the fire service industry, began his career here in Fort Lauderdale as a Seaport Firefighter originally working with the Resolve Marine Academy designing and installing the Gray Manatee Fire Trainer (the cornerstone of Resolve’s live-action training programs).   Naylor achieved his fire-service expertise from years on the front lines as an active firefighter where his real-life experiences translated into leadership success as a fire-officer and emergency response director.

Under the new Director’s guidance, the Resolve Maritime Academy will have the unique ability to incorporate real-world challenges learned from Naylor’s fire-service career into value-added classroom learning.  

Naylor’s strategic plans for the Resolve Maritime Academy’s “As Real As It Gets” certified programs are being designed to provide in-depth fire, safety, service, and navigational training for both land and maritime professionals.

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