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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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March 26, 2019

US Navy's MSC Opens Center for Excellence

A USNS Fleet Oiler engaged in underway replenishment operations (CREDIT: US Navy)

A USNS Fleet Oiler engaged in underway replenishment operations (CREDIT: US Navy)

Military Sealift Command hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to signify the opening of its new Center for Excellence located on Joint Base Langley-Eustis, March 25.

The Military Sealift Command Center for Excellence provides MSC-centric basic training for newly employed civil service mariners (CIVMAR).

“Ultimately, the new Military Sealift Command Center for Excellence is replacing the MSC training center in Earl, New Jersey,” said Military Sealift Command Total Force Management Director Mike Morris, who co-officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony. “Over the next year all of the newly hired MSC civil service mariner training is transitioning from Earl to Joint Base Langley-Eustis.

“Shifting our basic training to our new facility will mean that our new CIVMARs won’t have to be transported to the old training facility thus saving money while being more convenient and less stressful for our new teammates,” Morris added.

All newly hired civil service mariners must complete the MSC-centric, basic training curriculum to be qualified to sail in MSC’s fleet.

“The new training facility is ultimately going to be MSC’s ‘boot camp.’ This is where all of our new CIVMARs will receive the required basic training to be able to sail with MSC,” said Bill Kordyjak, Military Sealift Command’s Afloat Training Team Director.

“Right now the facility is providing in-seat training such as trip hazard aboard ships and first aid. In the near future, we will provide hands-on laboratory training simulators to meet the practical requirements of MSC’s training pipe-line,” added Kordyjak. “Also in the near future, current CIVMARs will be able to return to the new training facility to obtain required re-qualifications and re-certifications.”

In the near future, all laboratory training requirements such as firefighting and damage control simulators will be located at the MSC Center for Excellence.

Newly hired Civil Service Mariner and student in Military Sealift Command Center of Excellence’s first class Kiandra Wilson said, “So far the training at the new facility is going really well and she is excited about her opportunities as a CIVMAR.”

Military Sealift Command is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of 125 civilian-crewed ships that provide underway replenishment-at-sea for U.S. Navy and allies ships, conduct specialized missions, preposition combat cargo at sea around the world, provide a variety of support services and move military equipment and supplies to deployed U.S. Forces.

By Bill Mesta, Military Sealift Command Public Affairs

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