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Friday, February 21, 2020

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Posted by December 8, 2015

Marlink Upgrades Maridive OSVs to VSAT Broadband

Egypt headquartered Maridive Group, an international offshore marine and oil support services provider, has chosen to migrate 24 of its Offshore Support Vessels to Marlink’s VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) WaveCall Plus services in addition to one new build vessel.
Maridive Group has a globally distributed fleet with an operational footprint covering North & West Africa, the Mediterranean, the Caspian Sea and Latin American countries. The company selected Marlink to upgrade its vessels to VSAT in 2012, and this latest contract adds a further five vessels operating in Venezuela and Brazil, while enhancing Maridive’s communication capabilities for business, crew and safety by upgrading to WaveCall Plus.
“With so much new technology available to support our maritime and business operations our strategy is to ensure reliable broadband connectivity on board. The higher bandwidth and reliability of Marlink’s VSAT service will enable smarter operations through the use of IP based technical applications, ERP, surveillance cameras and equipment monitoring in addition to faster, multi-user internet access and navigation software and chart updates,” said Capt. Mohamed Yakout, Marine Sector General Manager, Maridive Group.
All 24 contracted Maridive Offshore Support Vessels will benefit from higher bandwidth while using WaveCall Plus, an all-inclusive package combining high-speed Ku-band connectivity including increased Maximum Information Rate (MIR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) with unlimited L-band back-up and XChange. XChange, Marlink’s service delivery platform, will allow Maridive to manage and control its communications network aboard, also from shore. XChange will support Maridive’s IT support team to reduce the time needed for network administration, e.g. when adding new users or groups or managing access to data and voice services on board.
Furthermore, Maridive is committed to enhance its communication services for on board clients and crew members. Hence, crew and clients can reliably use Bring Your Own Device, a ready-to-use WiFi solution to improve voice and data access using personal devices, such as smartphones and laptops, while Maridive keeps full control over the IP pipe and related cost.
In order to ensure higher availability of connectivity globally and in all conditions, the connectivity solution includes L-band back-up for business critical communication as standard.
“We have established three levels of access to the network on XChange for captains, clients and crew, with access levels differing in terms of data quotas, time slots and permissions. Our VSAT and the control we get over network access with XChange will help us to significantly enhance our client and crew communication facilities, both of which are vital to the on-going success of our business,” said Eng. Taha Fathy, Communications Dept. Manager, Maridive.
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