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Monday, April 22, 2019

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October 21, 2014

Long Beach Port Honors OOCL Executive

Shipping line CEO Andrew Tung receives ‘Port Pilot Award’

Shipping line CEO Andrew Tung receives ‘Port Pilot Award’


Andrew Tung, CEO and Managing Director of Orient Overseas Container Line, was presented today with the prestigious “Port Pilot Award” by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners.

Tung is the 77th recipient of the award, which is presented to business and political leaders and advocates who have made contributions to international trade within the maritime industry. He is the first third-generation Port Pilot winner. His father, C.H. Tung (in 1987), and grandfather, C.Y. Tung (in 1977), were also recipients.

“We’re pleased to present our prestigious Port Pilot Award to a very deserving Andy Tung,” said Doug Drummond, President of the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners. ““His progressive leadership and lifelong dedication to reshaping and enhancing international trade – as we’ve seen in our next-generation Middle Harbor terminal partnership – should serve as a glowing example for all industry executives.”

Under Tung’s leadership, OOCL has moved ahead in partnership with the Port of Long Beach on the $1.3 billion Middle Harbor modernization project. The new terminal will feature the world’s most advanced technology, doubling capacity and cutting emissions in half.

Tung has led the Hong Kong-based OOCL, one of the top shipping lines calling at the Port of Long Beach, in various management roles since March 2006. However, he first worked for OOCL in various management positions from 1993 to 1998. Overall, Tung has held top management jobs in the maritime industry in both the United States and Hong Kong. Prior to his return to OOCL, he was a director of Cargosmart in Hong Kong and worked at Kong Dragon Airlines.

The Port has presented the award to CEOs, prime ministers, ambassadors, members of Congress, Cabinet officials and U.S. presidents, including Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

The Honorary Port Pilot Award was established in 1954 by the Port of Long Beach to recognize significant contributions to the advancement of world trade. It was last awarded in 2011 to Jon A. Hemingway, CEO of SSA Marine.

The award is named for the harbor port pilots who guide cargo ships safely in and out of the port in all conditions. For more information about the award and for a complete list of honorees, visit www.polb.com/portpilotaward.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the world’s premier seaports, a gateway for trans-Pacific trade and a trailblazer in goods movement and environmental stewardship. With 140 shipping lines connecting Long Beach to 217 seaports, the Port handles $180 billion in trade annually, supporting thousands of Southern California jobs.

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