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Monday, May 16, 2022

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February 23, 2022

Indefinite Quantity Contracts, Design Bid Build for the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division

© Focused Adventures / Adobe Stock

© Focused Adventures / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Huntington District intends to award “Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contracts for Design Bid Build Marine-Based Construction Projects” in the Rivers Districts of the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division. This encompasses the Huntington, Louisville, Nashville, and Pittsburgh Districts.

This is an unrestricted, $75 million contract with a target of five awards: a base period of one year and four one-year option periods.

Requirements include the ability to mobilize “sizeable crews” to multiple sites and provide multimillion-dollar bonding. Work will be issued by negotiated firm-fixed price task orders. Contractors must furnish all supervision, labor, supplies, and materials. Construction demands may include site survey, work plan(s) and/or specifications, construction, maintenance, repair, and/or rehabilitation services. Further requirements include performing and managing all facets of a project, e.g., surveying the problem, recommending a solution and undertaking corrections. A contractor will likely need to manage a minimum of three job sites concurrently and maintain the capability to provide quick or emergency (within 24 hours) mobilization response with required equipment and crews.

Expected tasks are variable, including, but not limited to, working on and around locks and dams, marine and land-based stream bank protection, handling and placement of large derrick stone, excavation, bridge construction/repair, demolition of small and large structures and building construction and remodeling.

ACE is looking for offers that conform to their solicitation and within a technical/price competitive range and are most advantageous to the Government, all factors considered. Evaluations will use this hierarchy, in descending order of importance: (1) Technical Capability and Specialized Experience, (2) Past Performance, (3) Equipment, (4) Management and Administration, (5) Small Business Participation Plan, and (6) Cost/Price.

Solicitation documents will be available on or about March 4, 2022.