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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

December 7, 2014

Horizon Delivers 2 Towboats to FMT

  • John Cox
  • Gianna Hull
  • John Cox John Cox
  • Gianna Hull Gianna Hull


Horizon Shipbuilding Inc. recently delivered two towboats to Florida Marine Transporters. The towboats are the 120’ GIANNA HULL and the 80’ JOHN COX.

This is the third vessel Horizon has delivered to Florida Marine Transporters this year.

Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc. is a leader in the shipbuilding Industry. We are technologically advanced in our owner created collaboration software. We use the system he created to manage projects in real time thus creating an atmosphere where drawings, schedules and communications are available in seconds, not hours days or weeks. This forward thinking approach not only aids in better communication between customers, craft and management but also makes accountability equal among all. Horizon strives to be at the forefront in finding new and innovative ways to make sure our shipyard remains a leader in the shipbuilding industry .

We plan to release this software in 2015. With our shipbuilding abilities, our management team and this software we can assure that our customers are receiving the best vessels on the market today.

Horizon Shipbuilding Inc.