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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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Posted by January 24, 2019

Haifa Port Co. Logs Record Year

Photo: Haifa Port Company

Photo: Haifa Port Company

Following the Port Reform Agreement that was signed on December 2018 - Haifa Port Company, the operator of all current terminals in Haifa Port, reports a total throughput of 26,264,000 metric tons and 1,464,000 TEUs in 2018, and it continues to be the largest and leading port in Israel in total cargo handling.

Haifa Port Company said the 26.264 million metric tons represents a 1% increase over last year, and cargo distribution includes: Containers – 60%; Oil – 17%; Grains – 11%; General & Bulk Cargo – 9%; Liquid Chemicals – 3%

In Container handling – Haifa Port gained a 9% increase – from 1,340,000 TEUs in 2017 to 1,464,000 TEUs in 2018. New all-time record for Haifa Port.

Most of this increase in containers traffic is attributed to an increase of Full Local Containers (e.g. Israeli imports and exports) that was up 15% in 2018 comparing to 2017: 918,000 TEUs in 2018 comparing to 799,000 TEU's in 2017.

This achievement was gained thanks to excellent level of service and good employment relations which distinguishes the Haifa Port from other major ports in Israel.

One of the highlights of the previous year was the Port Reform Agreement that was signed between the management of Haifa Port Company and the General Organization of Workers in Israel (The New Histadrut), backed and approved by the Ministries of Transportation and Finance of the Israeli Government. The Agreement includes a massive Port efficiency plan, alongside an extensive retirement plan, and mainly, a full privatization plan. That means that the 100% Governmental owned company – will be looking for a strategic partner\owner that will be able to take full control (100%) of the company. The process of selling the port's ownership will be managed by the Government Companies Authority - a professional unit in the Israeli Ministry of Finance. The parties also agreed on a massive investment plan in both the General Cargo and the Containers Terminals.

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