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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by September 4, 2018

V.Group Shows ShipSure 2.0 at SMM

Photo: V.Group

Photo: V.Group

V.Group will be demonstrating its ShipSure 2.0 marine digital platform at the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg, September 4-7, 2018. 

Taking its cue from the principles of V.Group’s innovative ShipSure platform, a concept in delivering integrated data to the marine industry, ShipSure 2.0 is a continuously evolving digital solution which offers ship owners the ability to gain powerful insights from real-time asset data anywhere, via the user-friendly ShipSure 2.0 interface.

Available on desktop and mobile devices, ShipSure 2.0 affords users the ability to obtain secure safety, operational, crewing and financial data on the move, from a single digital platform – a transformative approach to ship management that literally places real-time business insights and the ability to make swift but informed decisions into the palm of the user’s hand. Its empowering combination of control, insight and flexibility illustrates the core benefits of ShipSure 2.0, allied to new levels of transparency that enables ship owners to clearly oversee operations at sea and ashore.

Four distinct but integrated pillars form the foundations of ShipSure 2.0 – marine, procurement, crewing (marine manpower) and finance. This infrastructure provides an all-encompassing range of asset data to be analyzed and shared only with the client and approved team members. Ship owners can supervise every aspect of their business at a glance: from safety, compliance and operational performance to procurement cycles, marine HR and real-time financial data.

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