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Friday, September 30, 2022

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August 18, 2022

The Future is Now

Clean, renewable energy is the clear path to living in the future—today. See how propane offers low emissions now while powering homes, agriculture, transportation, and business. 

Reducing carbon emissions is good for everyone — but how do we reduce emissions while also meeting growing energy needs? Propane is a clean, non-toxic energy source that helps reduce carbon emissions right now. Plus, the abundance of propane and the accelerating growth of renewable propane means that it’s a reliable energy source for future generations as well.

Today, renewable propane is helping to write the next chapter of clean energy. Renewable propane is as reliable, versatile, and powerful as conventional propane, but it’s primarily made from plant and vegetable oils, animal fats, or used cooking oil. Already, renewable propane is fueling some of the cleanest and most efficient engines that the world has ever seen.


Millions Of Americans Currently Rely On Propane For Dependable Energy At Home, At Work, On The Road, And On The Farm.

Propane Is Extremely Energy Efficient, Especially When Compared To Other Fuels.

Propane Is Designated A Clean Energy Alternative Under The Energy Policy Act Of 1992.