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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

October 15, 2014

EVPs of Petroleum Geo-Services Swap Responsibilities


From November 20th Magne Reiersgard, Executive Vice President (EVP) Operations, and Per Arild Reksnes, EVP Marine Contract of Petroleum Geo-Services, will change roles, with Mr. Reiersgard becoming EVP Marine Contract and Mr. Reksnes becoming EVP Operations.

Both positions will be based in Oslo as before, but Mr. Reiersgard who has his family in Houston, the world's no. 1 hub for oil and gas companies, will spend a considerable share of his time there, attending key customers in the region.

Mr. Reksnes will capitalize on his experience from the business side to take our effort to improve the reliability and performance of Operations to the next level.

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