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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by October 11, 2019

DSC Dredge Wins USACE Dredge Bid

Photo: DSC Dredge

Photo: DSC Dredge

DSC Dredge, LLC wins bid for a new, non-propelled, cutter suction head dredge solicited by The Marine Design Center (MDC) of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) earlier this month. 

When completed, the new cutter suction head dredge will operate out of Astara, Azerbaijan to not only maintain the harbor depth and harbor entrance but the US Government is purchasing this dredge for the country of Azerbaijan as a part of Azerbaijan’s support of the US in anti-terrorism efforts. Azerbaijan is a neighboring country of Iran and maintaining a functioning Coast Guard station is vital in the Coast Guard’s effort to patrol the Caspian Sea as a safeguard against terrorist activities.

Azerbaijan will join the many loyal customers of DSC which now span over more than 45 countries around the world.
DSC Dredge, specialize in customizing dredging equipment to meet the needs of their clients and Azerbaijan is no different. The acquired Dredge is based on its 10” Wolverine Class dredge but will receive design modifications to meet the Clients specifications.

The Project will be handled in three (3) phases

  • Phase I: the Government will review the dredge design and confirm it complies with the requirements.
  • Phase II: involves DSC dredge world-class team who, as they manufacture the vessel, will demonstrate its performance through successful testing at their Greenbush facility.
  • Phase III: entails DSC Dredge reassembling and reactivating the dredge at its final destination site in Azerbaijan. During this phase, full vessel performance with the dredge in the water will be demonstrated. In addition, DSC’s reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to the customer and a dedication to not only delivering a superior product but providing outstanding service after the sale, this is why a DSC highly trained Specialist will perform training to the end user of the new dredge.

Whilst the Wolverine Dredge is manufactured in its entirety out of  DSC’s Greenbush facility, this customization venture  provides the opportunity to have the Greenbush facility fabricate the flotation hull more closely in line with DSC’s southern facilities in Reserve, LA and Poplarville, MS. Not only will it provide opportunities to increase the product lines currently manufactured out of Greenbush, this project has a high potential to add additional workforce at this DSC facility.

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